February 28, 2009

How My World Went Tippy-turvy

If you've been following this blog long enough, you'll KNOW that I am a peach girl. I love peach lipsticks, peach glosses, even some peach eyeshadows, and definitely peach blushers.

MAC Springsheen, Peachykeen, Fafi Hipness, and NARS Deep Throat can definitely testify to that. =P

And even with more recent purchases, I have always seemed to favour the peachy-pinks, the peaches and the corals. For a warm-toned yellow girl (MAC NC25, Bobbi Brown Beige), I know for sure that these shades will suit me, and it's only a matter of how much to slap on. Peach? Oh, it's a safe colour for me, alright.

Pink, on the other hand, is for the cool girls. Blue-eyed, honey-blonde girls who look like they could wear all the pink in the world and still look alright. Stereotyping, I know.

But all along, I couldn't help but wonder, "Can a warm yellow girl possibly wear pink?"

Which got me experimenting. First with MAC Pinch O' Peach, which doesn't quite count as it's so light. And then with Cargo Catalina, which, for a looooong time, was the pink-est blush I had. I made the mistake once of wearing a wee little bit too much of it, got the you-look-like-a-clown statement from mom, and immediately, I put the blame on the PINK blush.

"Peach would have never given me this problem," says I.

*glares at pink blush*

So there ended Experiment: Pink for a while.

Until chance had it that a friend asked me very recently if I was interested in a MAC blush she had for sale. And of course I was. She ended up bringing MAC's Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush in TIPPY


Even in the warm yellow-ish lighting in my office, I could see it was a VERY bright pink. Not usually my taste. But Experiment: Pink came to mind again, and it's not all that often you get a rather discounted MAC blush. So I caved and bought it.

But it wasn't until I got home that I went "WHOAAA". It's not a bright pink, it's a VIOLENT pink! I mean, look at it! It makes even Catalina look peach.

(For comparison's sake (l-r): MAC POP, Tippy, and Catalina. Violent, I tell you.)

And after sitting and staring at it for a few days, I finally had the opportunity (and courage) to try it on. And with my usual MAC#129 too!

And I was amazed. Tippy rocks! (Just be careful to use a light hand, is all.) So this is the story of how my world went Tippy-turvy. Talk about a paradigm shift.

But I'm happy. Pink blushers, come to mama!!! =D


plue said...

aw syen, that's pretty! i only got 2 MAC blushers, and neither any of them are pink! LOL

i have a few pink hues, but most of them are peach-pinks or peaches itself. :P

and ur fairer than me! NC25! fuh!

AskMeWhats said...

I am in love with anything pink!!! :) And those collectin you have all looks wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure your collection is larger than that! =P I use my MAC 187 for bright blushes.

Syen said...

Plue: Hehe.. thanks. And needless to say, like you, I have lots more peaches than peaches.

I'm not that fair lah. I hover between NC25 and NC30 depending. And I like being a wee bit tan too. =P

Nikki: Thanks girl! Hmmm.. for someone who thought she couldn't wear pink, I DO have quite a few pinks, don't I? =P

Eli: Ermm.. yes, my entire blush collection is definitely larger than that. =) I think peach outnumbers pinks 5:1. *tee hee*

mayaari said...

Tippy is definitely a bright pink, but a light hand makes it very pretty :) I like it more than my NYX Pinky blush, since Tippy is bright but very fine, while Pinky is a little coarser and can go from slight flush to clown cheeks with one too many swipes, haha

Anonymous said...

Eh you can wear pink lah. I'm also a very yellow girl, yet I still like to wear pinks :D

LyNn said...

haha so do you prefer pinks or peaches now?

im an NC 25 too. but i cant believe it. am i that fair?
i used to get comments that im pretty dark tan :O

Kahani said...

I am coming at my blushes and lipsticks from the exact opposite direction. Pinks I have galore, but peaches i'm only just starting to love! In my youth i made the mistake of using Maybelline Watershine Ginger Ice Tea. Then I saw a pic of me - urgh! It was too orange and too frosty. Have avoided warm tones ever since.

Now I'm warming (hehehe pardon the pun) up to peach. =D

Anonymous said...

I love pink blushes. You have a beautiful collection.

Syen said...

Mayaari: Helloo! I so agree with you. Looking at it alone, I would have never thought I'd be able to pull it off! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope to hear more from you girl! [Nice blog you have. =)]

Tine: Hehe.. now I knooow! So, have you gotten your Chanel blush yet?

LyNn: LOL. Well, can't ditch 'em peach blushers now can I? I still love me peaches. But it's nice to know I'm friends with the pinkies too. =)

Kahani: LOL. Yup. We're osmosis-ing each other. Hope you're having fun with peaches!

gio: Hey hey! Aww.. thanks. Hope to see you around more often! =)

Anonymous said...

You've met me. I'm definitely Asian and I'm definitely yellow but Dandelion is like my BEST FRIEND. Chanel Tweed Pink brightens me up after I look like I've death wash over me. I'm SURE you can wear pink; you just need to find the right shade and tone; looks like you have! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, gotten my Chanel blush. Oh loveeeeeee :P

Syen said...

geekchic: Heheh.. well.. it's the same case of you thinking you can't wear peach. From the other side of the coin. =P

Hehe.. you gonna try peach now? It'll open a whole new world of shades to choose from. *Muahahah*

Tine: Yay!!! Hope to see your review soon. =)

Anonymous said...

I didn't use to like pink because I find it too girlish but slowly I'm accepting it. Its looks great on everyone I think, just that see how intense is the pink.

Anyways, you look really natural...beautiful actually :)

Janine Falcon . BEAUTYGEEKS said...

I love pink on warm skin with yellow undertones -- makes for a delightfully fresh, youthful flush. (And I know what you mean with Catalina -- whoopsie!) Sheer is key, and some are simply more sheer than others. It's just hard to tell without a test drive, or a great comparison story like yours! Tippy is perfect.

I'm also a huge fan of peaches, peachy pinks and corals for most folks. In fact I think blush is underrated as a cosmetic. It brightens a complexion, takes off the years and even makes eyes look brighter with just a wee swish of a brush. Blush = love in makeup form!

Syen said...

Traclyn: Awww... thanks girl. Applied well, I don't think it looks girly. In fact, I quite like the flushed look. =) Hope you find your pink!

Janine: Oh yes. Totally agree! Glad you're also a peach girl! *high fives*

Don't you just LOOOVE blush? I know I do! =)

Anonymous said...

Of course you can wear pink! I just saw Tippy yesterday. Nars Desire lookalike so no lemmings! :)

Anonymous said...

Tippy looks great on you.

I went to check out the Hello Kitty collection and the only two items that caught my attention were Too Dolly quad and Nice Kitty lipglass. Tippy is a cute blusher but pink blushers always look a bit weird on me. I always think it's only for girls with fairer skin tone. I'm a more peachy pink, coral type.

Syen said...

roxkitty: Babe!!! That's what I thought! Well, used to anyway. Maybe it's time for you to go through a paradigm shift too.

*tee hee*

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Drop us a line more often! =)