December 02, 2009

Sunscreen Series: Clarins SPF 30 Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care

Summer is in full swing and because I am anal about sun protection (if you haven't noticed by now), I was about to leave a cafe with friends when I yelped out, "Hang on a sec! I need to reapply my sunscreen."

Mr A is already used to my antics (he used to query my habits until I told him that I wanted to be a MILF in 15 years) so he waited patiently while I yanked out bottles of sunscreen from my bag. Our friends' eyes widened as if I was performing a magic trick for them.

"You carry all of that with you? Everyday?!"

"Yup," I answered cheerfully. "Body sunscreen, face and eye."


I really do feel that there should be greater awareness about eye sunscreens, as ridiculous as it sounds. Everyone I have spoken to seems to think that face sunscreens can be used around the eye area as well but if you look for the fine print, all face sunscreens say avoid contact with eyes or avoid eye area. I have tried applying face sunscreen around my eye area (carefully avoiding the eyes) and ended up wanting to claw my eyeball out, rinse it in saline solution and pop it back into my eye.

Moisturisers with SPF are a dime a dozen but eye creams? Pffft. The only ones I can think of are from Nivea (the Q10 eye cream comes with SPF4) and I think Dermalogica has one with SPF 15. We keep being told to take especial care of our eye area but no one seems to be developing great sun protection for it.

Thank goodness for Clarins. It took me a while to find a proper eye sunscreen (I heard that Shiseido had one but I can't find it on their website) but I am glad I did.

The active ingredient in this sunscreen is titanium dioxide, which protects against UVB and short wave UVA. Not exactly ideal as it doesn't protect against long wave UVA rays but it will do for now.

Like all sunscreens, this product has a whitish cast to it. It is quite fluid, making it easy to spread around the eye area. You need some patience to pat it in until the white cast goes away but an extra minute or so is all that is needed. One drawback is that it does make my mascara smudge a little so I have to set it with some powder through the day.

I am happy report that this sunscreen does not bother my eyes except for one occasion when I went bushwalking and was sweating madly. I am not sure if it was the sweat mingled with my facial sunscreen or if it was the eye sunscreen which made my eyes sting. The sting went off after using eye drops.

The Clarins Sun Eye Contour Protection cream comes in a tube of 20ml. It may not seem like much but I have been using the same tube since March and as of yet, there are no sign of it running out. I am afraid I don't know how much this costs in Australia or Malaysia as I picked it up from a duty free airport in Vietnam for USD 26.


Vanilla said...

wow,everyone needs this.eyes also need sunscreen!hehe

Sue said...

Cool! I didn't know we have a sunscreen for eye. :)

All Women Stalker said...

I've been looking for an eye sunscreen too but I haven't seen one yet here. I am glad you shared this. I'll look for this in our local shops. Everyone should wear sunscreen! I like your blog and I hope you don't mind if I visit often. :)
- Kaith

Emily said...

Thanks for this post. I'll be sure to lookout for sunscreen that can be used closer to the eye