May 13, 2008

Beauty in a pill

I've always had a problem with that old adage "You are what you eat" - I mean, chocolate, ice cream, and candy are the most beautiful foods in the world. Aren't they? Well it seems they've identified a "beauty" vitamin, and yes it's in the Vitamin B group (har har) - meet Biotin.

The odd thing is, this vitamin isn't new to me. I've been coming across it in beauty mags, health mags, blogs and sites for ages now. Usually as a cure for brittle or ridged nails. But it was Beauty Bunny's article that convinced me. After reading it I was seized with a desire to try this miracle vitamin, only to find I've been taking it for the past month as part of my daily multivitamin.

Yes, to my delight, my cheapie (but goodie) Tesco Multivitamins - which I love for saving me from the neverending cycle of flus I've been plagued with since arriving in London - also contains 100% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Biotin. So health and beauty in a pill - all for £2.58 (90 pills).

This certainly makes the Boots Hair, Skin & Nails supplement I checked out today seem like quite the rip off. £5.05 for 30 pills that only contain 30% of the RDA for Biotin. Granted it's got a slew of other vitamins, but the only addition it has that my multivite doesn't is Evening Primrose Oil - which can be bought separately in higher dosages for much less.

So does it work?
As I haven't been aware that I've been on Biotin, I can't say I've monitored the results. However, after over a month of inadvertent consumption, I can testify to very strong nails (my big-ass kitchen knife rebounded off it the other day), and shiny SHINY hair (although this could be due to a combination of John Freida's conditioner and L'Oreal's Elvive Nutri-gloss Intense Masque)

However, I have noticed a reduction in hair loss compared to a month back. I remember being rather disturbed by the amount I lost when showering and on my hairbrush. As I have long hair (almost waist length), I put it down to the weakened hair due to its own age and weight. Only yesterday though I was noting with pleasant surprise that I wasn't losing much hair at all. Yay biotin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, babe! I've been using biotin since my girl Amber posted about it, and I definitely see an improvement in my hair and nails.

Kahani said...

Ooh Hi, cailin!

Sorry for the lack of response to your comment. Didn't see it till now. =)

Thank Amber for writing about Biotin, she did a great job. And it's always great to find something that works.

*flicks great biotin-enforced hair and taps iron-strong nails*

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog but can i say i just LOVE it! i'm obsessed with makeup and i've looked for a beauty blog like this one for ages!
Thanks for the info about the tesco multivitamins! I was actually umming and arring over them last week but i'm going to my local tomorrow to get these!

Kahani said...

Hi Andrea!

Wow, thanks for the kind words, milady and I'm so glad you ;ike our blog! =)

I've been very impressed with the tesco multivites. Cheap, and effective. My favourite combination! If you have any requests or would like to find out about something just ask and we'll see what we can do. No promises about high-end products though. We don't have easy access to those yet.

Hope to see you around!

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