May 25, 2008

Review: Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

I am definitely behind on this review considering I've had the sample for this product even before it was available in store. There's still a lot of curiosity surrounding its amazing texture, and how it applies, so here's my take on it.

Max Factor's Miracle Touch foundation provides excellent coverage - so good you won't need a concealer, a perfect finish, and controls oil nicely. But it breaks me out. So I can't use it, but there's no reason why anyone who doesn't react negatively to it shouldn't.
This product is part of the new wave of silicone-based foundations that feel amazing, apply smoothly, and look natural. Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous, and Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse belong to this family. The formula works by suspending pigments and powders in a silicone base that is solid at room temperature, melts at body heat to a spreadable liquid and then evaporates - leaving only a perfect finish of pigments and powders behind. (Note: This information was gleaned sometime ago from a beauty article which I now cannot locate. Sorry about that girls).

As with any new formulation, new application techniques have to be learnt, and judging by online reviews, this foundation is no different. For best results, toss away the sponge provided (it wastes product and wipes away more than it applies), and please don't use your fingers (unhygenic!). Instead, use a foundation brush.

Foundation brushes don't need to be expensive as they're made entirely of synthetic material. I use one from The Body Shop and it works great. Glide the tip of the brush over the foundation, and in short, feathery strokes, apply to your face. Pat with fingers to blend in. Then go over any spots that need extra coverage with a concealer brush. When applied like this, even my tiny samples could have lasted me at least two weeks. A tiny bit goes a long, long way.

If you're oily, dust loose powder over, if not you won't need any powder. The foundation dries to a natural semi-matte finish that really looks lovely. If you're dry-skinned you may not like this foundation at all, as it can be rather drying and is harsh on flaky skin.

The Max Factor site makes 6 shades available. The foundation is amazingly forgiving and adapts to your skinshade, so perfect accuracy isn't really needed although you need to get the underlying skintone right. For example, I received two shades, Natural (beige skintone) and Golden (warm skintone). Both blended seamlessly into my skin, only Natural appeared a little pink when contrasted with my neck. Golden however looked absolutely lovely.

I've mentioned the oil-control before. When I do grease up, the foundation doesn't slip, pool up or look patchy on me. I just look umm.. glowy-er. A sheet of blotting paper and I'm good to go. It is also very long-lasting, 8 hours later and it's still there and hasn't faded away.

As you can see, I really am slightly in love with this foundation - I just can't use it because it breaks me out. It's so convenient, and the finish really is very lovely. It is pretty pricey for a drug-store foundation though - £11.95 so I would wait for a promotion, or try to get your hands on a sample to see if it suits you.


lilsweetkaz said...

Nice review. Now I know what the difference is between these and normal foundation. Do you break out because of the silicones? 6 shades is so easy to choose! haha
btw, I am just curious what shades you ordered in Everyday Minerals?

Kahani said...

I have no idea why I break out. But yes I do notice if I overdo the silicones breakouts happen. *huggles mineral makeup* I ordered 2 Olive Lights (in matte and intensive) and olive fair. If it turns out i'm NOT olive, I'll go back and order the golden shades. But the site insists I'm olive - which is new on me.

Anonymous said...

haha this is the foundation I use! Love it. Feels so nice. Only thing is I wish they had it in darker shades. London's selections is still better than Amsterdam's though.

Kahani said...

Thanks for dropping by JoAnn! Hmm if I ever meet the Max Factor ppl I'll lecture them on their lack of darker shades. =P

Anonymous said...

I just bought this foundation today and really looking forward to trying it! Great post!