August 07, 2008

Review: Posietint is oh so pretty!

After my Benefit makeover, I found myself day-dreaming of Posietint day and night. Fellow beauty bloggers, Tine and Janine were no help at all (read the comments) in resisting the desire. At last, to satisfy my unrequieted love I used my Boots-Fu to rack up the points and at last am united with my beloved!

Why do I love it so? The colour is absolutely perfect. Fresh, glowy, natural and so so pretty when used on cheeks and lips. Plus it lasts forever. At most you'll have to touch your lips up after lunch. Your cheeks? Never! And such tiny amounts are needed that a bottle will last forever despite its staggering price (£22.50). But you knew all this already!

The biggest obstacle to Posietint lovers is perfecting the application method. Especially on the cheeks I've tried the three dots (then blend, blend blend) method recommended by Benefit, the "X" method used by an MA I saw online, I've tried blending it in with moisturiser, and with a foundation brush.

But no matter what I did or how fast and much I blended onto well moisturised skin, you could always make out (however faintly) the original marks of where it was dotted initially. At last I tried using my fluffy blush brush and the results are perfect!
A natural flush of colour, with no visible streaks or dots whatsover. Plus it's incredibly fast and almost fool proof if you don't load the brush up too much. Here's what I do:

1. Unscrew Posietint, and gently run the very tips of your blush brush's bristles (try saying that fast ten times) along the nail-polish like brush.
2. Gently but quickly, dab onto both cheeks, then blend like crazy.
3. Apply mineral foundation as usual over. The blush will glow through. I usually apply it over liquid concealer. If you use liquid foundation, apply with caution over, and carefully dab over more foundation with a brush if the colour is too bright.

I also like to brush bronzer over or even another blush shade to augment the colour slightly if I don't want to use Posietint on my lips as well.

Lips are easy. I simply brush a single, thing coat over using the brush provided. Let it dry, then top with a coat of lip balm or clear lip gloss as I find the tint to be drying. For best adherence apply it on bare lips that don't have a coat of lip balm on them.

In the pic I topped it with Palmers Dark Chocolate Peppermint lip balm. A clear glossy balm, it provides a slight sheen, moisturises, and smells absolutely delish.


Tine said...

Wheeee! And it looks gurrreat on you ;) I love how long it lasts. All day, man! Best! :p

As for application, I brush a tad on my fingertip and then only blend in. This way I don't get the unsightly streaks.

Enjoy your Posietint! :D

Anonymous said...

It's lovely on you, petal-fresh. I've never had that stain issue, though, not even slightly. Do you have dry skin, hon? Of course, I usually just slap the little brush on my cheek a couple of times, slip the wand back into the bottle quickly, blend immediately, then do the other cheek. I'm not precise with the initial application, but maybe I'm faster to blend than I thought, plus my skin's not dry at all. I LOVE though, that you found a solution that works for you. Creative and clever!

Kahani said...

Hey you two pretty ladies, thanks so much for the kind words. *blushes through posietint*

Janine: I have the oliest skin on God's sweeet green earth. It's a constant battle. The thing is, sometimes the finger / brush method works, sometimes it doesn't. But the blush brush has worked for me all the time no matter how rushed I am. Which is brilliant. Plus, no pink finger! =D

Man if all of us weren't continents apart I'd throw a Posietint themed party! lol

AskMeWhats said...

That looks sooo pretty, worth the kissin that you give!!!! No thanks to you!!! I'm staring at it like I want it..NO NIKKI NO!!!!

Kahani said...

Nikki: hahahahaah! Cooommeee joooiiinn usss...

Anonymous said...

Ok now that is making me want posietint! :P You are back in Malaysia! :)

Kahani said...

Hey Paris, yes I am! Man, Nasi lemak tastes gooood! =P

I'm still loving Posietint. It's done the impossible - sped up my makeup routine. I can see myself using this daily when I start work!