May 09, 2009

When I Fall In Love...

And I think I so have. With two products, that is. =P

I feel a little bad about not being able to do the tag (due to the circumstance I was in when I saw it... screaming editor and approaching deadline does not bode well for photo-taking), so I'm going to make it up by sharing with you dear loverly readers a picture of me totally bare faced.

Which is pretty equivalent to having to take a pic of me on the spot, right?

So read on if you wanna know which two products have reached HG status for me. And oh, if (and only if) you wanna see me sans makeup. *tee hee*

So here you go. The two products I can not live without now:

~H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

You can click here for Kahani's review of it. I really love this stuff. And while I'm not going to do another full blown review, I'd just like to add my two cent's worth on this product. I only use it during the night, and it works like a charm. Like Kahani, I wake up to perfectly moisturised and happy skin, so my makeup applies so much better without the flaky skin. It also seems to have calmed my skin down a lot, and I'm just glad my skin loves this stuff.

b.liv (by celniq) Pro Sebum Gel

Again, not a complete review, but this has been my day gel which I apply before I even slap on sunscreen. Just one pump is more than sufficient for my entire face. It says on the bottle that it's a "Superstar gel that eliminates white and blackheads incredibly", and that you're suppose to apply to your T-zone. I apply mine to my entire face though. Seems to work well enough.

I don't know about its sebum controlling powers, my face still needs a blot up once or twice depending on how hot the day is and how long I'm at work for. I'm not really plagued by blackheads either, although I do know I have some whiteheads.

Anyways, after using both these products together in my daily skincare routine for close to two months now, I am really, REALLY happy and impressed with the results. And boy, am I glad I found this a few months before my wedding. My skin can sure use all the help it can get.

So, take a look at the piccies and you tell me if you see a difference. =P

Then: This photo was taken in January, before I started with these two products in my daily routine. I had spot pimples, and my chin was a particular problem area which had a tendency to flare up easily. Especially at that time of the month.

Now: This photo was taken a few days back, right before I hit the sack, hence the baggy T and all. Sans makeup girls (and of course, the flash helped a lot). The only thing I had on was eye gel, Face Oasis and Papaw ointment on my lips. I can never do without lipbalm. =P 

After about two months, you can see it's still not a perfect canvas. You can still see the scars from previous massive pimples but overall I think my skin's improved heaps (save the growing eyebags). My skin feels supple and plumped, and the texture has improved greatly too. I don't even bother with concealer for work these days. Just my ZA two-way and foundation's done. =)

And the BEST part is, during Aunty Annie's visit didn't last month, it didn't even cause a single breakout. Nada. Zilch. (Oh dear, I am so hoping I'm not jinxing myself with this statement!) How cool is that?

So, I hope this has more than re-payed the tag. =P

Have a good weekend darlings!


plue said...

now i really really really want that H2O face oasis.

am in need of very good hydrating treatment for the face becuz of the damn air con!

and you look all glowy! ^_^

AskMeWhats said...

HUGE difference, so Happy for you! You've found THE ONE :)

Syen said...

Plue: Aww.. thanks dear! I hink Face Oasis is one product that seems to have worked for many in the Msian beauty circle so it might be safe enough to try. I'm definitely going back to this for my night time hydration. =)

Nikki: I'm SO HAPPY TOO! I think I might have just finally found something which works in a happy balance! =D

Kahani said...

whee! metoo metoo my skin is happier because of this duo. =D

Jenn said...

Syen your skin really did improve alot!! :D

I wanna try out the H20 treatment after reading all your raves!!! I hope its not too expensive over here! :D

Connie De Alwis said...

wow! That's an awesome improvement! :D Using the right products really does make a difference. And a well hydrated skin is a happy skin! Mine's also quite happy now that it's properly moisturized

Syen said...

Kahani: Yup. Me knows! =P

Jenn: Thanks! =) And yes, you SHOUUULD!

Connie: Yes it does make an amazing difference, doesn't it? I just hope it continues to work well right through August. Hehe...

Tine said...

The pro sebum gel worked wonders for me, and I'm so glad it did for you too. What I love about it is that I'd get pimples every time Aunty Flo comes. But once I started on the gel, I don't get them anymore. If that's not a miracle gel, I don't know what is :P

prettybeautiful said...

ur skin looks so much more glower and hydrated! looks like the pro sebum gel works for almost everyone that i know of

Renee said...

Still beautiful, with or without the makeup :)

What is this about "still not a perfect canvas"? Your skin looks great!

Eli said...

Oh ho. Something new to put on my lemming list for summer. *scribbles*

Syen said...

Tine: Same here, same here! SO FAR. *cross fingers, toes, eye*

Prettybeautiful: Thank you! =)

Renee: Oh believe me, there are scars which are somehow amazingly not visible in the photo. =P

Eli: Lotsa lemmings eh? *tee hee* This should be a good buy, even though it's rather pricey.