June 01, 2010

And I'm Back! With my UK Haul!

Hello lovelies!

Didja miss me? Ah well, you couldn't have missed me, could you, since I had those posts scheduled for the weeks I wasn't around.

Apologies for the very late replies. Trying to get access to the Net there proved rather hopeless as we would be out and romping about the whole day and by the time we'd be back at the B&B/hotel, I would be practically knocked out. Truly!

Anyway, I'm sure you girls are more interested in what I've brought home, aye? (Note: I'll give you the price in £ if I can remember. Exchange rate was about RM5. You do the math.)

So here goes!

Tubes in the backrow (l-r):
1. Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush (150ml) - found this in a store called Sally Hair for about £2.10
2. Colgate Total - liked the packaging and picked it up in a Buy 3 For 2 along with number 16 and a teeny tube of John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Shampoo (next to big condi tube). I had wanted a travel sized condi, but picked up the wrong tube instead. Damn.
3. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Conditioner
4. John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Infusing Conditioner
5. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Moisturising Conditioner - got 3,4,5 in a Buy 3 for 2 as well! Brilliant, no? I'm now swimming in hair condi. Ah well.
6. Jergens Naturals Total Nourishment Body Moisturiser with Acai Berry - have heard so much about Jergens, it's about time I tried!
7. Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion - we don't have it here? =P Also because it seemed a tad similar to the next moisturiser, so I wanted to do a comparison. Do I really need to make more excuses?
8. Dove Visiblecare Brightening Creme Body Wash - we don't have it here?
9. Vaseline Sheer Infusion Stratys-3 Mineral Renewal Body Lotion - AT LAST! I get my grubby fingers on this. Been itching and itching to try this, and by George, it blody works! (Yes, yes, a more comprehensive review will come along shortly.)
10. Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream (118ml) - had to get a backup of my HG hair serum. Picked it up at SpaceNK for £17. It was a bit of a splurge.

Front row (l-r):
11. The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub
12. The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub - I know we have TBS here, but this was on a BOGOF offer! AND we don't have the Coconut range here, something I've reeeally been lemming after. So it was 2 body scrubs for £12.50. Whee!

13. Eve Lom Cleanser - I read one review and was sold. My hugest buy so far at £28 for a 50ml tub. Gosh, I really hope I don't get hooked on this. *gulp*
14. LUSH Sweet Lips (vanilla & choc sugar lip scrub) - Do I have to explain this?
15. LUSH Almond & Coconut Smoothie (shower soap) - sounds and smells yummilicious.

16. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter (minitub)
17. L'Oreal Chrome Intensity eyeshadows in Timeless Green, Jade Silver, and Dazzling Khaki - again, Boots' done me in with their Buy 3 for 2. They were £5.99 each.
18. Vaseline Rosy Lips - preeetty!
19. Boots tinted lipsalves - they were cheap?

Ahem. And they're not all. Conspicuously missing from being photographed were 2 small bars of LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids and Vanilla in the Mist soaps. And a bottle of Happy Hippy. A certain someone is going to be very happy. =P

As for this one, it's totally non-beauty related, but I thought it was quite cute. £1.30 fluffy leopard print bedroom slippers from Primark. Needed something to wear in the rooms over there, and this was cheap and sorta cute. *tee hee*

So. Wadaya think?


rinnah said...

Oooh, I love living vicariously through other people's hauls. :P Can't wait for the reviews to be up!

And welcome back, dear! *hugs*

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Hey Syen! Welcome back!!!
Looks like a pretty haul - I really like the look of the L'oreal e/s - they look like little gems. Very nice. I hope the colour payoff is as good.
It does become inevitable, doesn't it, whenever we (or someone we know) go to the UK, to bring back a ton of Lush goodies?! :D

xin said...

welcome back syen! and i love your haul!

AskMeWhats said...

Syen, welcome back and I love your hauls!!!! I love hauling stuffs like these when I go on a trip! The only time I did not haul is my last Macau trip! I told myself the trip was meant for my mom :D

domncroxd said...

Welcome back!! Great haul, am envying that you got some Lush goodies back : )

Syen said...

Hello! Thanks girls! Yeah, I loves me haul too. No idea when I'll be able to wade through all of them products though. *cough ahem cough*

Gypsy: I bought one of L'Oreal Chrome eyeshadows in Oz early last year, and really liked it. So when I saw this in UK, BANG. =P

Tine said...

Lovely! Welcome back :)

I drooled at your haul. All of 'em look amazing!

Connie De Alwis said...

why does almost every one of your haul consist of at least one body lotion and/or one body wash? or shampoo? :p

awesome haul, babe.

Anonymous said...

i have got the soap&glory butter minitub! :D

Syen said...

Tine: Thankee! =)

Connie: Seems to be I'm in love with all things clean. (And I haven't gotten over my moisturiser fetish.) Hmmm.. =P Don't forget conditioner!

[miss hazel]: Nice, no? =)

su said...

Hi Syen

I wondered if you have a reaction from the hard water in London. My fingers got so dry and coarse and peeling. My hair fell off like crazy, dry and hard too, like after you swim in a pool for more than 2 hours. How did you deal with that?


Syen said...

su: Hey there! So sorry I only saw your comment now.

Erm... I don't think I had a reaction from the hard water in London. For your hands, perhaps a good moisturiser would help. But I don't have any advice for your hair problem. Are you living there? Perhaps you could consult a doctor?

denise ❤ said...

amazing haul! gotta love the Uk prices and their Boots offers :)))

those slippers are adorable!