April 10, 2008

Hot damn, it works!

Here's one for the books.

I was prowling around Boots, determined to browse but spend nothing. In a real test of will power I lingered by one of my favourite lines, Soap and Glory (the more affordable line from Bliss with gloriously bad puns for product names) to play with their testers.

I'd always loved the scent of their "Clean on Me" shower gel, and "Hand Food" hand cream, so of course I tried a spritz of "Flirtigo Spray-On Body Moisturising Mist" which promised to "drive sensible men mad". It smelt clean, fresh and happy and I was tempted to shell out but I'm not much of a fragrance girl, and the (admittedly huge) bottle was £6.

Resolutely, and virtuously I walked straight out of Boots. I'd gotten as far as 5m when a cute American tourist (how do I know? He had a bulgy backpack...) walks past me, stops,turns around and stops me.

"Excuse me, what is that scent you're wearing?" he asked asked excitedly.
"Scent? Umm..."
"Yes, that perfume! I must buy it for my girlfriend!"
"Oh...! Flirtigo by Soap and Glory. You can find it at Boots."
"Thanks! I'll remember that."
He hefts his backpack and marches off in the direction of Boots.

Followed 5 seconds later by me.

Of course I bought it.

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