May 13, 2008

Duped: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

One of my mean, sneaky beauty tricks when travelling is to nip into the duty-free shop at the airport and make good use of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm tester they always have lying around. Dabbed under my eyes and on the apples of my cheeks, this balm does wonders to waken up my travel fatigued, zombie-grey, airline tortured skin.

Much as I've always loved this balm though, I just can't justify its £25 price tag. Now thanks to this dupe by Boots I may not have to. At £8.50, Boots Time Delay Instant Radiance Balm is a steal - especially with the £5 off coupons they're giving out with every purchase £5 and above. So hurry ladies, the vouchers end May 20.

How the two compare
Clarins claims that its balm cosmetically smooths out signs of fatigue, and gives skin a glow. This I can testify to. The peach-tinted, light, shimmery fluid really does work wonders to wake up a tired face. However, the balm also claims to help makeup last longer, work as a facial mask, and will with long-term use promote a radiant complexion. As I don't own the balm I can't speak to these additional benefits, but maybe one of our readers can?

The Boots Time Delay balm doesn't claim to do more than help things along cosmetically. A peachy-pink light liquid with a slightly metallic shimmer, it too wakes up a complexion exhausted by travel, a hard night out, or a long day's work. The non-greasy fluid when used under makeup gives that luminous glow-from-within look that I love for nights out. It also seems to moisturise slightly, and thus far it hasn't caused breakouts.

This dupe may be only skin-deep, and I doubt it will prevent me from using testers in the airport (after all, it means one less liquid I have to get through security), but at least I'll get to take the radiance home.

*Disclaimer: The "Duped" column refers to cheaper alternatives to expensive products. It in no way implies that the cheaper product deliberately duplicated the pricier version. In some cases, the cheaper product may pre-date the more expensive product.

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Niya said...

I love mixing the Clarins Beauty Balm with my foundation, but because I wear foundation daily the Clarins product is getting too expensive so I'm going to try the Boots product out now! So thanks for posting this! :)