May 05, 2008

Handy Dandy

My hands have been a problem for me ever since leaving sunny humid Malaysia for dry cold Europe. They get dry and chapped, my skin peels and hangnails form around my cuticles till they bleed. (Sexy, huh?)

So I've been trying handcream after handcream, Nivea, Norwegian Formula, Marks & Spencers, I've tried them all but I don't go back to them. Because if they work they're so greasy I can't touch or do anything for ages after putting them on, and if they don't feel greasy, they don't work.

Thank goodness for Soap & Glory's fabulous Hand Food and Burts Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

Hand Food
My love for this hand-cream amounts to an addiction. Only £4.50 for a nice big tube (125ml), it sinks right in to form a silky glove that protects my hands and keeps them lovely and soft - without greasing up everything I touch. It contains extracts of fennel and lotus flower to hydrate and protect, and it has the loveliest, most complex scent of any hand cream I've come across. It's light, and yet has an indefinable something that makes applying this on a crowded tube, a therapeutic experience for my frazzled nerves. The site lists "fresh bergamot, strawberries and mandarin, fruity and floral midnots, and a base of musk amber and warm vanilla" as its scent notes. I can't really pick all that up, but it smells yummy, nuff said!

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
I initially bought this as an extra-pampering treat for my fingers after a hard day's cleaning up around the apartment or washing lots of dishes. I'm so in love with the scent though that I find myself sniffing the jar, and applying it before I sleep and while working at the computer jsut so I can enjoy that delicious lemon-drop scent. This heavy cream will grease up your fingers, so it's actually best as a night-time treatment (unless it addicts you like it has me - you have been warned!). Since I've started using it, I've had nary a hang-nail and my nails seem stronger and smoother. It retails for about £3 - £5 and can be bought online, on Premium Beauty, or at natural and health-food stores.


Ghost said...

oh wow!!!!
I've had a problem with very dry hands for about a year now (I think every women in the UK has this problem, everyone I know does). The only soap product I can use to wash my hands that doesn't dry them up even more is simple's moisterising hand wash. And in the past year I have brought every hand cream you can think of, but as soon as I can get to boots I'm buying the hands cream from soap and glory (gotta love boots).

Thanks for this Kahani - oh and thanks for the review on the soap and Glory's fliztigo. I haven't been able to stop a man in his tracks yet like you did, but I'm still ever hopeful lol

kahani said...

hey ghost! So glad you like my reviews, hope the hand cream works out for you. I keep a travel sized one in my handbag and use it on the tube btw. It's only £2 from boots, it gives me something to do on the tube, and the scent is soothing. =)