May 15, 2008

Product Review: Clinique 2-Step Skincare System

I know Clinique calls it the 3-Step Skincare System, but since I'm only reviewing Step 2 and 3, I'm calling it the 2-Step Skincare System. =P

As you ladies will know by now, I already have a small arsenal of cleansers, so I really don't think I should be getting another one. After all, what I have now works fine by me.

As for Clinique's clarifying lotion and moisturiser, I've read varying reviews ranging from people who swear by them, and people who can't stand 'em. After several months of use, this is my take on them both.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 (for combination/oily skin)

Fated to have oily and pimple-prone skin (even though I'm already in my mid-20s, so unfair), it was Kahani who first recommended #3 to me. It smells strongly of alcohol and can be very harsh, especially if you have sensitive skin. In fact, that's the gripe which keeps surfacing in the many reviews I've read on MUA.

However, I find that it does help my skin by controlling the oilies (with regular use) and in controlling pimples too, especially those which are only surfacing. What I normally do is after applying the toner to my entire face with a cotton-pad, I dab a little more toner to the cotton pad and just leave it on the pimple as spot treatment. It can sting, (and I don't recommend this to those with sensitive skin) but it has worked miracles by making that pimple disappear altogether!

I don't use it all too frequently, just once a day, or even once in two days is good enough. Just make sure you have good ventilation (like a fan on or something), and don't breathe in so deeply when applying this toner (the smell really is very strong). Clinique, if you're reading this, take note!

It retails for RM78 for a 200ml bottle. Not cheap, but it lasts pretty long.

Kahani: I find I can make one 200ml bottle last almost a year by decanting it into a smaller bottle with a dropper mouth. The big mouth on the Clinique bottle just encourages evaporation and waste - something I'm sure they're keen on as it means you'll buy more. So, just one bottle for a year isn't actually that pricey. =)

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

After trying out Clarifying Lotion #3 for a while, I decided to jump on board their skincare regime and try out their moisturising gel as well. I tried a small sample jar, and by the end of it, I was hooked. It does not disappoint. It's light and absorbs very easily into the skin and leaves no trace on the skin. No residues of greasiness whatsoever.

And (there's more), when I apply it at night, I wake up to non-greasy skin. This has never happened before for any other moisturiser I've tried. Or even if I don't use moisturiser on some nights. Amazing.

I think I've found my HG moisturiser. I've managed to get a huge 200ml bottle for RM200 (it was an offer item or something). It's pricey as hell, but better than their usual 125ml bottle for RM150.

Verdict: I'd recommend the DDM Gel anytime. But I'd suggest you try out the Clarifying Lotion before buying it first.


Tine said...

Oh ladies after my own heart :p You have just reviewed my holy grail of skincare products. About the toner, I agree with Kahani; a 200ml for me lasts at least a year, if not longer. What I do is I decant the large bottle into a spray bottle, so per use isn't a lot (you can accidentally use too much, what with the large mouth).

As for the moisturiser, love it love it LOVE IT. I've been using the lotion since I was 13. When the oil-free version came out, I got on it, but even better was when the gel came out. The large bottle can last you a very long time.

So all in all, even though the initial purchase is quite dear, these items last so long; they're absolutely worth it.

kahani said...

Yes! These are products so great we wish every woman knew how well they worked. And once you overcome Clinique's EVIL packaging for their toners (it is evil, if you don't decant you can tear through a 200ml bottle in 3 months!), it's well worth the price.

Syen said...

I totally agree with you ladies. =P And I can't say enough how much I LURVE the DDM Gel!

Thanks again for stopping by Tine! =)

Beauty Fool said...

I love Clinique's DDM Gel as well! I have the most sensitive skin possible and this is the only thing that I've tried that doesn't irritate it... In fact, I should probably write about the DDMG on my blog too, it deserves the praise! ;)

kahani said...

Ooh hi! Love your blog, beauty fool - its always so incredibly up-to-date on the latest beauty news. I've just added you to the blog roll (I just keep coming across blogs I've missed). Thanks for already adding us to yours.

Somehow when we're writing up the latest shiny things, we tend to forget to mention old faithfuls, don't we

Syen said...

Hello! Nice blog you've got! would love to read your take on the DDM. Thanks again for stopping by! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you purchase the 200 ml bottle of DDMG from? I note that the clinique counters have only the 50 ml and 125 ml sizes on sale. I know Strawberrynet has the 200 ml size on sale, but I wonder if they are the real thing, and if they are fresh.

Thank you.


Kahani said...

Hi Anon, the 200ml bottles are special editions Clinique puts out once a year, look out for them. I've purchased the ones on Strawberrynet and they seem perfectly fine to me. =)