June 10, 2008

Product Review: The Body Shop Sun Lustre Bronzer & Brush (So pretty!)

Just take a moment, breath deeply and gaze at one of the prettiest makeup sets I've seen in awhile. For that much pretty I can forgive much. Fortunately there's not much to forgive! The Sun Lustre Bronzer and Brush duo is really very lovely.

To be honest and above board, I must confess that I didn't buy the brush and compact. It was given to me by the lovely Gemma of Shiny Media after she completed her review of it for Kiss and Makeup. I fell in love with it on sight and she generously let me have it.

Sun Lustre Bronzer
Did I mention just HOW pretty this compact is? And big, I haven't mentioned this yet, it's HUGE. It's the diameter of one of their tubs of Body Butter. The lovely bronze compact feels solid and well-made and the mirror is gorgeously large - almost framing my entire face. The swirly etchings in the product are quite deep and should last awhile if I'm gentle on it. Initially the product was coated in chunky glitter which horrified me slightly until I realised it was only the surface, and once brushed away the bronzer is still shimmery, but only with very fine golden particles that don't turn me into a psychedelic disco ball!

The bronzer comes in two shades, Bronze Gleam (a golden tan) and Radiant Blush (a pinky golden brown). I have Bronze Gleam and it is indeed lovely. It provides a sheer wash of golden tan colour that is subtle yet visible, providing my sun-deprived skin (curse you English weather) with a natural sun-kissed look that doesn't have the least bit of red or orange in it.

The bronzer is also scented with what the body-shop describes as "bronzed chamomile". Personally, I think of it as a powdery, slightly floral, coconutty scent. It is quite strong in the compact but fades quickly after application. I don't love it but I don't mind it. It's a pleasant enough scent and it does smell summery, plus it doesn't break me out which was my first worry (of course).

All in all, yes you can find bronzers of equal calibre for less than £16, but the gorgeous vintage-y compact and the beautiful presentation makes me forgive it for costing so much!

Sun Lustre Brush
This is an luxurious, beautiful brush that looks amazing with the compact. It is well made, with heft, and a solid feel and the slightly shimmery bristles are extremely soft, but is it worth the £14 price tag?

If you think the look alone is enough, then I suppose it is. But personally I could never steel myself to buy it at that price when any large fluffy brush would do the trick. This brush may look like a kabuki, but it isn't. It's a lot looser and less dense. It does apply a nice sheer wash of colour, but you can find that elsewhere for much cheaper.

Also, while I'm all for synthetic bristles so the poor animals can keep their tails, I really don't think it's fair to charge top dollar for sythetic. Plus the brush has shed a little despite no washing and minimal usage. But it is really very gorgeous. So if you've been wanting a quality bronzing / shimmer brush and would like it to sit around on your vanity looking amazing, this could be the brush for you!

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