July 10, 2008

Body & Skincare Reviews: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Range & Yes to Carrots

If you haven't tried affordable organic-brand, Yes to Carrots yet, you should! The products are effective, yummy and oh-so-cute. I got to try out the Body Butter (more cream than butter really), and the Exfoliating Scrub. Reviews are here along with colleague Abi's review of the Daily Moisturising Cream.

Also, following the writeup of the elusive Vaseline Rosy Lips, I was sent their entire Cocoa Butter range. Now there's only so much moisturisers a girl's body can absorb so I passed the lotion and butter onto colleagues Lucy & Kelly and gave the Oil Gel a whirl. Our reviews are here.

(No, the pic of the gorgeous half-naked man isn't ENTIRELY gratuitous. He is holding a bunch of carrots, isn't he?)

Update: Vaseline PR says to be patient. Rosy Lips is filtering in. But I wannit noooow!


parisb said...

Ooh I tried Yes to Carrots too! :) Now you got me wanting to try the Vaseline stuff. I don't know if we'll get them here in Malaysia. Fingers crossed!

kahani said...

Well, the Vaseline stuff works, but I can't imagine living with that chocolate sweet smell in hot M'sia. I'd walk around feeling like a hot chocolate pudding.

Anonymous said...

Girls! I think you'd be interested in this!

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Go look go look.

kahani said...

Ooh thanks karcy! I've poked Lisa into looking into it since she's the one that's still in M'sia. =)