July 18, 2008

Making the most of your Boots Advantage Card

I was horrified to learn that my colleague, who's been living in the UK for about a year, didn't have a Boots card. And it's not like she doesn't shop in Boots. She DOES (so does everyone else). So this post is for anyone who doesn't have one, or is just moving to the UK.

When she found out I earned £12 on points after spending £30, she was desperate to know how I did it. So, for her and for anyone else who doesn't already know all this, here is Kahani's Mystic Path to Boots points.

10 Tips to get Maximum Points
  1. Get a card. Like Duh! Every pound you spend in Boots gets you 4 points. As every point is worth a penny, it's a 4% return! And those points are as good as cash in Boots.

  2. Sign up for Healthcare. This gets you 50% discount on some things, a free eye test (worth £20), extra points and generally good stuff all around.

  3. USE those coupons! Boots will send you coupons. They also issue a mag once every 2 months with coupons in the back. Cut them out and tote them around in your wallet. They are virtually money anyway.

  4. Use the pink and white machine. In every store, Boots has a lonely looking machine which no one goes near. Stick your card in and daily coupons and deals just come spilling out. Use them! And always check before you do any shopping.

  5. Listen to the coupons. Now you may not want something from a range of products. But the coupons may tell you otherwise. For example, the other day I printed out a coupon from the machine that offered 100 points if I bought an item from the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel line. The cheapest item in the line was a mask sachet for 99p. Essentially, boots was paying me 1p to take their product away. Why the hell not? I also used two coupons offering a combined 400 points to buy a £5 Ted Baker cosmetic bag. For £1, again, I say, "Why not?".

  6. Buy top-ups at Boots. If you have been paying for pre-paid mobile phone top-ups directly from your provider all this time, STOP NOW. They're giving you nothing in return. Whereas Boots gives you 4% back in points. That's 40pence free for every £10 you top up.

  7. Buy big, not small. If it's not urgent, try and wait to buy an item until you get a voucher, or Boots offers a deal for it. One of the vouchers I have is a double points coupon good for 2 uses. So, I wait, and buy a motherload (and a top-up) at one shot to make the most of it. Also, quite often if you spend above a certain amount Boots will give you even MORE points on special days. So those are good occassions to spend too. Besides, planning a big monthly purchase saves you money from all those impulse buys.

  8. Don't forget the Meal Deals. If you only get to grab a quick bite at lunch, check out the Boots meal deals. You get a drink, meal and snack for £3.50. And if you buy 5 meal deals in a month you get the 6th free. Where else can you get a free meal in this city?

  9. Register your card online. So when you shop on Boots.com you still get points. AND very often, if you spend big on Boots.com, you'll get rewarded with points. Right now it's 600 extra points when you spend £60. Making it a 10% discount offer.

  10. Use your ignorant male. Quite a few men couldn't be arsed to own a card. Their reasoning is, they don't buy much at Boots. But all that hair gel and razor blades add up. Offer your card instead! In fact, offer to pick up his razor blades (light and expensive), top-ups, and what nots for him. He'll reiumburse you and you get his points. Brilliant. ; ) (Don't forget this works for dads, brothers, and best friends. Not just boyfriends)
For all your Irish girls, Beaut.ie has Boots tips for you!

Also, one thing about the Boots card that totally sucks. You have to be able to pay for the entire purchase with the points on your card. You can't top up with cash. This means even with £16 on my card, my Posietint (£22.50) will have to wait. *sighs*

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