July 21, 2008

Where's Good to Go in Hong Kong?

Hey girls! Exactly one week from now, I'll be boarding the jet plane to HONG KONG!! If you're in Hong Kong, I'll be heading your way.

I've heard how much it's a shopping haven (and summer sales are around this time, right?), and I'm really looking forward to it. Nothing like a little good break from work and all. =)

However, it'll be my first time there, so I'm a wee bit lost as to where's good to go, what's good to eat and where's great to shop.

As we don't have Nars here, I'll definitely be heading to the Nars counter there. And if MAC there costs less than what it costs here, I might be making a few purchases there as well. Hmm... what else, oh yes, Lavshuca! We don't have that here either.

Any other makeup stuff you think is worth trying?

My bestie (Mich), on the other hand, is really concerned about what's good to eat, and where all the good food are. And where's good to shop for clothes, of course.

And finally, what I should not miss while I'm there.

So if you're from Hong Kong, or you've been to Hong Kong, please do share, and I'll love you very, very much for it.

Thank youu!


Askmewhats said...

May I suggest you dine at Cafe De Coral? And then shop at Sasa and Bonjour shops? But before you buy anything, especially perfumes/fragrances, check out sasa and bonjour first and compare prices, prices could be totally far !!!! Enjoy the trip!!!!

Syen said...

Askmewhats: Thanks for the suggestion! Will look for the cafe. =)

And yes, will DEFINITELY go check out Sasa and Bonjour! Ekeke.. (my purse looks very worried. =P )

michelle said...

hey Syen, guess who I am? I'm your buddy who will be meeting you on HK Lol.....

Yes, I need to go to Bonjour/Sasa too! I've written it down where to find them... I hope it's easy enough to look for them :)

And I've got a few recommendations to eat as well ;)

OK I'm very very excited!! See you in HK!

oh btw, I just checked. AirAsia bag restriction is 15kg... dang...

Syen said...

Hey babes! Yes, I know who you are. =)

Dont worry Michy, my boss told me there a two HUGE Sasa and Bonjour stores very near where we are staying in HK. Apparently it's on Sai Yong Choi St. (yes, the VEGE)LOL...

And my boss gave me an hour's worth of tutorials on where to eat, shop and everything. All's covered! =)