August 09, 2008

Snapshots of Hong Kong!

Hello ladies! I'm back from my little rendesvouz to Hong Kong and Macau. I truly apologize than I don't have great shots of the malls there. Instead, I would love to share some snapshots of the amazing city where sleep seems to be just an option.

(I was out till very late one night, and people were still EVERYWHERE!)

Click on for more shots! Enjoy! (PS: It's going to be rather photo heavy.)

(Me posing at the Star Ferry Pier.)

(I love this shot! Despite the tram approaching, people were still hustling past in a hurry, while workers waited for the cement to dry.)

(People hurrying by. Hurry, hurry, hurry!)

(No visit to Hong Kong is ever complete without a trip to the "lok-lok" stall.)

(Or without trying chau-tau-foo" (smelly beancurd). Yes, I did try it. It's not toooo bad, but not really my cuppa tea. =P )

(Aberdeen - a juxtapose of boat houses and skyscrapers in Hong Kong.)

(Old uncles playing Chinese chess. Life seemed a tad slower over here in Aberdeen.)

(The people I went to Hong Kong with - Mich, the (other) bestie and Alex, the fiance!)

(Hong Kong bids good night. The view from Victoria's Peak. Beautiful isn't it? )

Next up - makeup hauls from Hong Kong! =)


AskMeWhats said...

ohhh girl! those are lovely shots! I want to go HK NOW!!!! :) thanks for sharing the lovely photos..did you buy a lot of stuffs? <-- i am sure you did lol

Syen said...

Hey Nikki! LOL. Thanks... the place is nice alright. =)

As for whether I bought heaps, it's in my next post. Look out for it! =)