September 11, 2008

Gentle, Amazing Gentle.

Do not go Gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
~ Dylan Thomas.

It was not love at first sight. Rather, MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle was for me, somewhat of a relationship which blossomed along the way.

When I first picked it up in my MAC haul a while back, I wasn't sure if this was a shade which I would definitely be able to pull off. It's described by MAC as "raspberry with gold pearl", and I wasn't entirely sure if my yellow, tan skin would like well enough for a playmate.

But now, they're almost best friends.

Gentle is a shade which gives my skin a lovely, natural pink glow. Applied with my MAC #129, it somehow manages to make me look like I've just walked in from the cold. Although, you and I both know there is no such thing as "cold" here in this tropical land of (almost) eternal sunshine (except in my office, where it's a man-made icebox).

It has shimmer, but nothing extravagant. No crude, glittery chunks of frost. All you get is a soft candle-lit glow.

It's a cool colour in every right. But it is still friendly enough to accommodate me. Just like how best friends do.

You can see me glowing with it here. And for more photos of swatches, you can go here and here.

It came as part of the Sonic Chic collection for RM85 a piece in Malaysia, and I'm sorry but I think it's gone. However, I hear that some shades will return in a Mineralize collection soon.

Let's all hope Gentle does not go into that good night.


Askmewhats said...

lucky you for finding a bestfriend for blush, can you believe that up until now? I just don't know still what blush color/shade would complement my skin, there's a lot of "ohh , looks good, looks ok, looks cute" but none that goes "BAMM!!! THIS IS IT!" And some days, I look great on one color and some days, with the same color, I look blah! LOL

Syen said...

Nikki: LOL. Yea, don't we all search for that ONE magic blush?

I do love Gentle, and it is a best friend, but somehow I still hold the opinion that we don't need only ONE best "blush" friend. Am I making sense? =P

As I've read somewhere (can't remember where now though) that makeup is about options! So it's okay to have lots and lots of 'em!


MisSmall said...

It looked gorgeous on you! And very natural.

For some weird reason, I'm not very comfortable wearing blushes. I kept telling the MAC makeup artist that I wanted a subtle and REALLY light colour. And I think I must have said "lighter" at least 10 times until she started giving me this weird look. I must be her only customer who wanted a next-to-none blush colour. :P

kahani said...

missmall: I think we all start out that way, and then get braver as we go along. I believe you can pull off most colours, it's all in the application and how you balance it with your lip and eye colour. =)

If you apply lightly enough any colour is subtle.

Syen said...

MisSmall: Thank you!

On the blush colour, Kahani's said it all. Bingo! =)

I hope you'll find that blush of yours sometime soon. If I might ask, what is your foundation colour? Or what shade are you? Maybe I might be able to suggest a blush shade which might be light enough for you? =P

MisSmall said...

Syen: I'm between NC25 and NC20 with MAC Select SPF15 liquid foundation.

Lately I've actually found new liking in my Estée Lauder tender blush in nude rose. I guess I'm more comfortable with a nude shade instead of a pinkish one. :)

I bought Nars cream blush in penny lane because the makeup artist did such a pretty job on my face, but never used it since then coz I cannot, for the life on me, figure out how to duplicate that look. Haha.

Syen said...

MisSmall: Hellooo! Hmmm.. have you ever given MAC Pinch O' Peach a shot? It's a very light nudey-pink which should just give that bit o' flush without ever going over the top. It's one of my foolproof blusher that goes EVERYWHERE with me when I travel. =)

Let me know if you did check it out. Hope this might help! =)

PS: Congrats on the bling dearie!!! Very happy for you. =D