December 01, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

Some of you eagle-eyed gals spotted my goof when this appeared last Sunday night. Ah well, there's new stuff, I promise!

I have a new favourite daily-combo. Silk Naturals' Rare Berry lipgloss (a pretty strawberry red colour that makes my lips look stained) with their Lovelace blush (apricot shimmer & Nars Deepthroat Clone). Amazing! It looks fresh and pretty without being pinky-girly. Makes me look glowy and awake. Love love! Will probably stock up on Rare Berry as its LE, and buy another sample of Lovelace. =D

While browsing I spotted Mad Minerals Powder Sunscreen (US$2 - US13)! Great for oily gals who can't find a light enough formula for themselves and want to dust it on. The only other one I've heard of is by Peter Thomas Roth and is pricey (US$30). The active ingredient in this is titanium dioxide - a physical, wide-spectrum sunblock. Two caveats though, it will give your skin an ashy appearance if used too liberally so using it under foundation is a good idea. And if you're mica-sensitive this isn't for you either.

When I'm truly frazzled I like to give myself a manicure. Just finding the time to sit still, watch a show, and make my nails pretty soothes me instantly making me feel more relaxed. Nail polish is my therapy in a bottle.

Finally I've found a volumnising shampoo here. Available in Sasa, TiGi's Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner are only RM70 each for a massive tube. Also, they're sulphate free. Has anyone tried these? Reviews on MUA are mostly positive and the product apparently smells of strawberry yoghurt. I'm also looking out for their Catwalk "Sexed-Up" range - but only because that product smells of raspberry lemonade (YUM) and the bottles aren't hot barbie pink!

Thanks to Beetrice, I've discovered that Cats Whiskers boutique has a BLOG. And a newsletter! My poor poor wallet... all the pretties! It's bad enough the boutique in Damansara Perdana is directly opposite my office. Now I'll have regular reminders to visit. Lol!


Anonymous said...

ooh deja vu ;) I'm still crap at a manicure - gimme one next time? ;)

Anonymous said...

My favorite therapy is retail therapy. That's why I'm eager for the stila sale at hautelook. Rev those engines up girls!

Syen said...

shopaholicblogger: *tee hee hee*

I hear you on retail therapy babe! But as there's always limited financial resources for THAT, I turn to curling up in bed with a good book, or a relaxing face mask to calm those edgy nerves down too.

Thanks for commenting! Hope to hear from you! =D

Kahani said...

ParisB: LOL wouldn't mind actually. I'm just not sure if I can do it on anyone but me!

Shopaholicblogger: Retail therapy works.. until the bill comes in. Then I need more therapy to get over my retail therapy...