January 15, 2009

The Teh Tarik girls meet up!

(From left, clockwise: Tine, prettybeautiful, Rinnah, Carmen, Connie, Kahani and Bee.)

Last Friday was all about fun, fun and more fun! After communicating via our blogs for a while now, a bunch of us Malaysian beauty bloggers (aka mad makeup addicts) finally had a meet-up at TFI Fridays in the Curve.

And boy, did we have a swell time.

And it was made all the merrier since the lovely Tine was back all the way from Down Under! Which was the main reason for the meet-up to begin with. Many thanks to Bee who made it all possible. =)

Click on for a few more shots from the makeup-addict fest. *tee hee*

(The hallmark of beauty bloggers, makeup spread on the table, and cameras in hand! LOL. Check out Rinnah with her big-ass DSLR! Ooooh.. me wants.)

(Yay! Me and Kahani got to finally meet Tine! *waves* Helloooo! =D )

(Bee and Tine smiling for the camera. Geez look at their amazing complexion. *jealous-nye*)

(Kahani and me going cheese! When we first met up before meeting the rest of the ladies, Kahani went "Oh oh.. We MATCH." Both of us were wearing brown. Ermm.. great minds?)


I'm so glad we got the chance to meet up and drool over MORE makeup. We really should do this again girls! =D


Askmewhats said...

everyone looks so pretty!!!! :D I know I've said this again and again, but if I do visit KL, I will definitely let you gals know!!! :D :D :D

prettybeautiful said...

it was great meeting u girls ;D so sweet of bee for taking time to organize this teh tarik. hehe

Connie said...

I think next time we can go for actual teh tarik!

ParisB said...

And I was indulging in an 8 course dinner when I could be here?! :P

beetrice said...

haha, thanks..but I just blasted out an email.. :p

and yeah PB, how could you abandon us for an 8 course dinner?? *sacrilege*

Tine said...

Awww you girls are just too lovely. I had such a blast that night. So much fun to talk about makeup with people who loves makeup :D

Syen said...

Nikki: Girl, you'd BETTER. If you ever get your butt down this way, you'd better give us a ring and we'll make sure we bring to all the beauty stops in KL and PJ. LOL.

Prettybeautiful: Likewise. It was good meeting you all. =)

Connie: Yea babe. Hehe... I'm also familiar with TBR. =P

Paris: We really missed you. =P Sigh, what to do? There are some 8-course dinners which cannot be missed. LOL. Next round, you better be in!

Bee: I'm pretty sure she would have traded the 8-course for our mix and match dinner. *winks at your "sacrilege" LOL.

Tine: Hey hey! It was great to have met you. =) Like I said, you girls make me feel more sane. LOL.

rinnah said...

Hey Syen, great to meet you in person too! Haha, you should've just let me know you were interested in the DSLR... I'd let you play with it! *grin*

Bee! When's the next gathering???

Syen said...

Hey Rinnah! It was lovely to meet you finally. =)

Hehe.. it's ok. I go around playing with EVERYBODY's DSLR. It's time I should be getting MINE! LOL.