March 05, 2009

Guest Review: Physicians Formula Crème Blush

Once again, Eli is making me sigh for Australian goodies. If only Physicians Formula would come back to Malaysia!

I always had a fascination with Physicians Formula after seeing it in a US copy of Seventeen over 10 years ago. It was a detailed piece on how to use their multi-coloured face powder. Goodness knows why I was so fascinated by it, I just was.

You can imagine my delight when I found out that PF was sold in Australia but I never found anything which I liked enough to justify their price tags until a few days ago. Priceline (my favourite Aussie drugstore) was offering a free eyeshadow palette with every $15 purchase when I spotted this crème blush.

Three colours on discount at $24.95 with free eye shadow. Oho. What could I say but “yes”? Its so pretty!

There are two crème blush palettes available in Australia: Rose and Nude. I bought Nude as Rose was too pinky for my liking. PF also has an extra palette called Peach in the US. Pity they don’t sell it here because the descriptions on Makeup Alley describe it as being more reddish than Nude and less pinky compared to Rose. Sounds like something I would get.

As you can see, the palette comes with a decent-sized mirror. It’s also quite sturdily packaged and shuts firmly. No worries of it shattering or messing up my handbag while travelling.

Sorry for the grainy swatches (I need a better camera and the lighting in my boyfriend’s place is awful). The swatch on the right comes from the largest circle. It’s a peachy-brown which I use on the apples of my cheeks. The second brownish blush is used for contouring – I blend a bit above the hollows of my cheeks. The third light pink shade is pretty redundant for me. It hardly shows up on my NC 37 (I finally got a match from MAC!) skin. Am planning to use it as an eye shadow and see how it works.

I tried wearing this yesterday and the colour stayed on for about 5 hours. Might have lasted for longer if I hadn’t got wet in the rain. Sydney is really rainy right now.

Overall, this is a really nice blush palette for a natural look. I heart, I love, I recommend. If only the Peach palette was sold here!


Askmewhats said...

I am starting to see local resellers selling Physician Formula product :) This is a wonderful review...and I like natural blushing-bride look :D

kahani said...

aargh they won't bring it heeerreeeee

Eli said...

If you girls want, I can send the palette over to you. =D

Annie said...

i tried this at the priceline near qvb. the rose tester was very grainy so i din get. is yours ok?

Eli said...

Mine feels quite smooth so maybe the tester was a little dry? I have noticed that the testers at the Priceline next to QVB are often dirty and grainy. You might want to try checking out the outlet on Margaret St. (behind Wynyard Station) instead.

Anonymous said...

I saw this in with discounted price. Almost ordered this, but finally I chose Revlon Cream blush since it's BOGO 50% :D