April 21, 2009

Hot to tote: In2it blotters

Yes it's another blotter post! Muahahahahah! Yes I know, I'm obsessed. But I'd like to preface this post by pointing out that I am unimpressed with the blotting paper - it's the case I like!

It's not the prettiest as it's plastic and a rather institutional pale blue with In2it's logo emblazoned in silver across it. But it's solid, refillable, slim and nicely sized, and best of all, it has a mirror! I love it because not only is it most conveniently placed, it's always clean.

The case comes with 60 sheets of blue blotting paper. The price is a mystery to me as I've seen it for RM8.90 in Guardian and RM5.75 in Watsons.The paper itself isn't impressive - no better than Daiso's far more affordable offerings. So I recommend that you buy it for the case and refill with Daiso blotters or Clean & Clear sheets.

Incidentally I'm adding a new handy dandy label, "Hot to Tote" are for all things that are particularly portable and great for lugging around in your on-the-go beauty bag. If you have any suggestions on great products that help you day to day, let me know!


Askmewhats said...

i am so lucky I don't need to use any oil blotters, but I am actually on the lookout for a good but affordable one to bring for clients :) thanks for the post, we have in2it down here but have to check if they have oil blotters :)

kahani said...

Hey Nikki,

Actually I wouldn't recommend the blotting paper in these. Just the case. Use Clean and Clear for super oily clients (because one sheet does the work of 3 'normal' paper blotters) and generic cheap ones for the less oily ones.

心。葵 @ plue said...

oh goodie!

now my facial blotters no need to be torn anymore. i just throw them in my bag :P

but yeah, CC works really well. I hate Fasio's. Lousy.

Eli said...

I always thought that it would be cute to tote blotting sheets around in sleek metal tins. The only one I have seen which would work so far had Hello Kitty on it. Gave it a miss for obvious reasons.

Another alternative would be name card cases, I guess. If only I could find one with a art noveau design...