April 01, 2009

Mmm...smells like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Balm

Ladies guess who's just SWUNG into toooowwwn! Yep it's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm in Dark Chocolate & Cherry!

Was out with Syen the day she bought the Crabtree & Evelyn Cocoa Butter & Cardamom lipbalm, and of course we swung into Guardian so she could buy... another lipbalm. Only plainer, and more every-day all-the-time.

FYI she got the Avene lip balm with Cold Cream.

Yes I'll acknowledge we're both a little (just a little!) lip balm obsessed.

Well you know how much we adored Palmer's Cocoa Butter in Dark Chocolate & Peppermint and the moment I heard of the existence of the Cherry incarnation I lusted after it.

When I got it, I ripped open the packaging, took a deep breath and sniffed. Would I be disappointed? Would it smell like a sick mixture of cough medicine and chocolate?

Ladies, it smells GORGEOUS. There's a candy bar I'm addicted to that I've only found in Oz and it's called Cherry Ripe - Dark chocolate wrapped around dried cherries and coconut. MMmm..... and guess what? This balm smells just like it, only better. How better? Well, it smells like it also has a healthy dose of Kirsch, or Cherry Brandy.

So, dark chocolate, cherries and alchohol. What's not to love?

Just like its Dark Chocolate & Peppermint counterpart this balm is completely clear, and if you're worried the scent does fade quite fast (darn) so it's not that distracting. It's moisturising with cocoa butter & vitamin E, it's tacky enough to stay without being annoyingly sticky.

As a clear gloss, this works rather well, it's not super glossy but it gives your lips a nice sheen. Just be warned, carrying this tube around will inspire you to sniff it secretively throughout the day.

The balm is available for RM15.90 a tube, which doesn't make it all that cheap but one tube lasts and lasts... even if you're hopelessly addicted. Look out for it at the very bottom of the lipbalm rack. For some reason they always hid Palmer's close to the ground.


Askmewhats said...

I was expecting you'll say you got disappointed with the smell..but wow! you love the scent! now that's intriguing :)

Eli said...

I got all excited until I remembered that I am allergic to Palmer's Lip Butter. Boo.

Amy C said...

oo kahani! i can get you the cherry ripe when i fly back to kl for syen's wedding :D it's avail everywhere in nz!!

kahani said...

Nikki: Yay the cliffhanger worked!

Eli: *rotfl* poor thing...

Amy C: Ooh yay bring me back a bag pleaaaase. ; ) Who cares if I'm fat and spotty for Syen's wedding... =P

Syen said...

AmyC: I can get you to bring me stuff too right? Right?? *bounces around*

Kahani: YOU fat and spotty??? You couldn't even retain the calories when your parents fed you ice-cream and buns every night so you'd pile on some pounds. Fat and spotty my foot. *snorts*


kahani said...

Syen: I notice you don't deny the spottiness. BOO!

Jenn said...

this sounds yummy!! I'll check it out when i go back!! :D~

Amy C said...

kahani: no worries! let me know how much you want closer to the time and i'll get them for ya :)

syen: eh what you want la! i thought you bought enough edi when you went to oz! hahaa...all good la. i'll be travelling with 1 set of clothes, some undergarments, some cherry ripes, 2 bottle of wines by a blogger...and your loot.

so make use of it :p

petra said...

according to peta, they don't animal test either :) i love their coca butter formula with vitamin e lotion but it is a bit of a pain to squeeze out sometimes. it worked better in malaysia than nz, though, because my skin is drier here.

i am tempted to pick up dove body cream to see if it fits the weather here better. dove is one company i am willing to break the animal testing for, on account of their empowering ads.

palmer's rx oil (think that is what it is called) is lovely because of the scent and because it does make the dry skin on my legs nicer. but it is not conducive for shiny surfaces because you leave a little oil around. best save that for night use or days when you can just laze around.

Syen said...

Kahani: I said fat and spotty my foot, din I? Sheesh.. =P

AmyC: *tee hee*

Petra: I LOOOOOVE the Dove body cream, the one in the jar. Love love love love love. Did I say love? =D

Andrea said...

OOoooh you finally got it! I'm still looking but I looovvveeeee the mint and chocolate one! it's so nice like melted After Eights lol.
Can't wait to try this one!!

Tine said...

Hmmm for some odd reason, we only have the cocoa butter one here. I want this!

LOL at the dark chocolate, cherries and alcohol bit :p

beetrice said...

oooh I can attest to the cherry choc smell - absolutely DIVINE! mmm...EXACTLY like Cherry Ripe! :D

LyNn said...

you just made my mouth water! :P

Eli said...

I forgot to ask. What kind of alcohol does it taste like? =P

IcedNyior said...

Whoa! I love cherry Ripes too! Cadbury Aus doesnt export it. Boo!

Might wana pick up this lipbalm. Im a tad lipbalm crazy too :)

Kahani said...

over a year too late buuuttt..
Eli: Kirsch

Iced Nyior: That reminds me! Must ask a friend to bring back some. Nyams.