April 29, 2009

Sweet Stains: Benefit's Benetint

Ahh the legendary Benetint - the tint that began all tints! What's not to love about a product that, legend has it, was originally created to tint the nipples of burlesque dancers a rosy pink?

How to use Benetint is a mystery for many, and here's hoping this blogpost will unravel it for you. First off though I'd like to recommend that you only buy Benetint off their US site, and not from the Malaysian Benetint distributors as they sell it at a large markup I've even heard that they plan on raising the prices even higher. And in this ecnomy too. Shame on them!

Read ParisB's post on the subject here, it has everything you need to know.

Now, read on to learn why this product is a must-have HG for me, and a staple in my beauty collection.

Compared to the other tints, Benetint is really the sheerest of the lot. Yes it looks crazy zany red, but to get it to the colour it is in the swatch below, I had to swatch it twice. Everything else was swatched only once.

Application - Lips
I do find the nail-polish like brush provided for use with Benetint really really annoying. It's so flimsy that it tickles my upper lip when I try to apply it there. So now rather than try I apply a generous but even layer to my bottom lip and carefully moosh the lips together.

One coat looks like this...
Two coats...
And with clear lip balm on top...

See how much more even it looks once the lip balm is slathered on?

And that's another secret to stain application - apply it on dry bare lips. Yes it feels drying but once it's set you can slather balm over and it will last and last. However, don't use Vaseline or balms that are oily instead of waxy (like Palmer's Cocoa Butter lipbalms in a tube. Reviews here and here) as these will also dissolve and remove the stain.

I often use one coat under reddish lipstick or gloss as a base colour, so when I eat or drink and the lipstick or gloss colour fades, I still have some tint to my face and am not wandering around looking like a washed-out zombie.

To tone the colour down, and get some use out of that lipgloss or lipstick you have that makes you look like a corpse because it's too nude - just use it over the stain. Voila, perfect, and versatile!

Although many ladies have trouble using stains on the cheek, I really don't. I love using Benetint as a blush and here's how:
Liquid Foundation
Before applying powder, dot three to four small dots along one the cheek bone of one side of your face, and quickly blend it out with a patting motion using either a stippling brush, foundation brush, or your fingers. I personally prefer the foundation brush for this as it's faster and allows me to spread it better.

Less is more here, you can always go back and apply. So until you know exactly what works for you, apply with caution!

Let it set, and then dust powder on as usual. If you'd like to top up with a powder blush, making it peachier or more shimmery, now's the time.

Mineral / Powder foundations
No matter how heavy a coverage you use a foundation is always slightly translucent - especially mineral and powder formulations. If you use a cream concealer, use that first.

Then generously dot Benetint on. Don't forget to do one side of your face at a time. And in this case feel free to slap it on as you're going for a look that's far brighter than you normally would use. This also allows for less margin for error.

Blend out with a brush or fingers in a pat-pat motion so you don't disturb the concealer underneath.

Now apply your foundation over the blush as you normally would. The heavier blush should glow through the foundation naturally. This really gives you a lit-from-within, rosy-cheeked look which I love.

Again, if you want a peachier blush or more shimmery finish, just dust it over the foundation now. And if your blush fades, as quite a few powder / mineral blushes do when used over a powder/ mineral base, the tint won't. So you get to avoid people asking you "why are you so pale and tired" towards the end of the day. Unless that's how you get your boss to let you go home - in which case maybe this method isn't for you.

As you can see, Benetint (second stripe from left) lasted through soap and water washing really well! To get it off at the end of the day, you may have to resort to an eye & lip makeup remover.

Benetint won't kiss off, won't leave marks on anything, and doesn't taste or feel of anything. So girls who have boyfriends who hate the taste and feel of lipsticks or lipglosses, this is your solution!

It will last through most meals, but not an uber-greasy lip-smacking long one. Come on. Nothing lasts through that!

After a year of almost-daily use, my jar of Benetint looks all worn out as the print has faded off. Boo! And I've used about 3/4 of it. So how much do I love it? I have a new, unopened bottle waiting to be used! When I had a chance to buy it on discount through a friend I just snapped it up to stockpile, because I refuse to be without my Benetint. Ever. It's pricey but it's gorgeous, it works, and a jar lasts over a year with almost-daily, and at least weekly use.

Online, Benetint retails at US$28 (RM100.40 at current conversion rates) compared to the RM139 you'd pay at the counter here. Benefit often offers free shipping when you spend over US$115 so get a few friends together and haul away!


Askmewhats said...

I LOVE IT! i love it when you top it with gloss!!!!

LyNn said...

wow this post was informative!
thumbs up. :)

prettybeautiful said...

gosh. now i am so so lemming for the benetint!!! i need a long long lasting lip color as i look really pale without any lippie! gosh if anyone doing a spree for benetint pls ping me! i want to buy the benetint!!!

Jenn said...

Benetint looks AMAZING on you Kahani!! :D Now i just need to try it out on my lips!!

I absolutely LOVE it as a cheek stain!! It lasts and lasts and looks sooo natural!! :D

Syen said...

You look really lovely in the piccie darling. And I'm inviting myself over one day to try it out.


Kahani said...

Nikki: It's amazing HOW much yummier it looks when you do right? But sometimes I like to pile it on till the colour evens out, just top with a low-gloss lipbalm, and run around feeling like a character out of Jane Austen.

Lynn: Yay! I aim to serve *curtseys*

prettybeautiful: I for one promise to remember you!

Jenn: Ooh thanks, you're so sweet! Let me know how the great lip-tint adventure works for you?

Syen: Aww... umm I accept your invite to yourself? How does this work again?

rinnah said...

I never knew quite how Benetint worked so I had no idea what I'm missing...

But... I am so lemming this right now after reading your clear explanation!

psst... PrettyBeautiful... if you're getting anything from Benefit US, gimme a holler! =)

Connie De Alwis said...

I really like Benetint for the cheeks but not on the lips because the color seems to sink into the lines of my lips. booo and too red! it looks gorgeous on you though! I especially like the 2 coats. sexy!

Kahani said...

Rinnah: It is quite a different product - but that's why it's so icnonic. There isn't really anything else like it. Although I hear collection 2000 in the UK has decent dupes of Benetint and Posietint going for 4 quid.

Connie: I have very liney lips. Try using it anyway and topping it up with a sheer sparkly lipgloss - then you get the long-lasting tint to match your cheeks, but the gloss will fill in the lines and mute down the red.

Unknown said...

I love the way Benetint looks when I first put it on but it doesn’t seem to stay - with or without Chapstick on top. Do you have any tips to get it to lay longer and recommend any particular balms?