April 22, 2009

Sweet Stains: Lipstick Queen in Medieval

Sweet Stains is a series of reviews on the red lipstains I own and love. While this isn't technically a stain, it looks like one and lasts just about as well, so why not?

My love for red lipstick has taken on a life of its own, and is now fueled by the generosity of friends. This particular lippie was a lovely birthday gift from the incomparable Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous. She purchased it in Oz (so it's available there), and it can be bought in the US, and the UK. More than that I'm afraid I don't know.

Medieval, according to Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen herself, is not so much a lipstick as a tinted treatment. Here's her story:
Lipstick Queen is going back to Medieval times, when full coverage lipstick was considered a sin. Instead, women used lemons to stimulate the lips and stain them a see through blood red. I have recreated this very sheer flattering look in one simple universal shade that suits every skin tone and is chic as it is comfortable. It doesn't even look or feel like you are wearing lipstick. It looks like you naturally have gorgeous swollen cherry lips. Medieval is also Vitamin E based for a luxurious feel with just a touch of pigment to create a purely sensual lip.
The packaging has its own story too, but it's rather complex and I'm not sure I comprehend it all, so go to the site and decode it if you're interested. =)

Now, ON to the lippie!

Slightly glossy, sheer red with warm undertones Medieval is extremely wearable. Great for everyday wear it gives a just-bitten lips look topped with a hint of gloss. It makes for a natural look with a touch of sexiness and a dash of class.

To me the great thing about this tint-option is you get the look of a tint without the drying effect of one. Also, as tints are best applied BEFORE lip balm, and pointless if applied after, this is a great option for when I want the look, but forgot and slapped on the balm.

You really don't need a lipbalm with this. It's soooo moisturising it really is more like a tinted lipbalm than a lipstick or a stain. I love the ability to just swipe this on my dry lips without going through the extra step of using a lipbalm. Perfect for lazy days.

Now this surprised me. I lightly washed off the stains with some liquid cleanser and medieval - the supposedly non-stain - outlasted everything but Benetint! Just look (it's the first stripe):

Wearing Medieval throughout the day, I find that although it really does last through light meals, it has a tendency to settle into cracks and cake up afterwards. So after meals, it's a good idea to use a tissue to buff off excess before reapplying. This isn't actually needed when merely reapplying - it seems to only be necessary after meals.

Medieval retails for US$20 online making it quite the luxury purchase, one I'm not sure I'd make myself. Which makes it all the more awesome a gift!

All in all though, it certainly is special and who doesn't love being able to slick on a moisturising colour, that will always look amazing, in that mad dash out the door?


Askmewhats said...

great tip on lipstain applied BEFORE lip balm, so true!!!! Love all the swatches, those are my type of lippie color :)

kahani said...

nikki: That's one tip I'll be banging on in every review. Can't tell you how many people along the way have complained that stains don't last that long because they were using it after lipbalm!

LyNn said...

wow this looks wonderful.
its like not too over fire red.
looks like a convienient lipstick.

but a tad too exp though.
if only i was earning usd!

Connie De Alwis said...

excellent review! and thanks for the comparisons! I like stains on my cheeks but not so much on my lips. they're too pale and anything red just looks scary on me!

kahani said...

Lynn: don't we all wish that... well, maybe not now that the poor Americans are getting retrenched left and right. But in general... =P

Connie: I used to only like sweet pink lippies but you know what? I outgrew them. Some looks, like red lips, you need to grow into or you look like a girl in mummy's makeup. One day you'll WANT to look like Sophia Loren circa 1960. Not right now - now you wanna look like Kim Kardashan - but one day. =)

prettybeautiful said...

hi em,

i sent u a mail. did u get it? ^_^

Eli said...

Ooh. Pretty. I love red lippies. Going to have to think about the price though. Hmm.

kahani said...

Hey prettybeautiful, just replied - sorry for the delay!

Eli: yes the price is nuts. Bring the BF there and coo over it?

Tine said...

I just love this one. So moisturising, no? Don't even need a lip balm with this. And I dig the packaging, I don't know why. Very mystical :P

Glad you liked it :)

Eli said...

Kahani: It's BF not ATM lah... And he hasn't started earning big bucks yet. The whole actuarist myth is lie!

kahani said...

Tine: I dig the packaging too! Yesh me loooved it. Between this and the Ecotool set from Syen,I was squealing with joy. =P

Eli: Ish ditch him and get a BF that's more ATM then!

Hmm... maybe this is why I'm single.

Syen said...

Damn. I wished I got this too now when I was there. But it was kinda pricey for someone who's spending RM there. *sigh*

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