May 21, 2009

Budget beauty: Silky Girl Lash Prism Mascara

When I got a tube of SG Lash Prism in black, I'll admit I regarded it with trepidation. What if it turned me into a racoon? What if it stung my eyes and caused what few lashes I had to fall out? But I finally screwed up the guts to try it and by jingo, I was pleasantly surprised! It lenghtened, defined, and even had fibres in it to bump up the volume and length of my lashes. No stinging, no racoon eyes.

Curious about the price, I went to an SG counter to check it out. It was RM13.90. And it came in blue, brown and purple. Thrilled I snapped up a tube of purple mascara just for fun.

You really can see that the mascara is purple - but it's not too alarming on my lashes. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with the purple since I much prefer the definition provided by black (and it is VERY black) but it was fun to indulge my curiosity so affordably.

(L) Purple & (R) Black


The brush may be the best part of the mascara. As you can see it resembles rimmel's sexy curves mascara in shape. Itks nicely dense and separates lashes well applying the formula evenly without clumps. It's also not too big, which is nice for small chinese eyes. ;)

As mentioned earlier, it really isn't bad. But of course at this price, it isn't perfect either. The difference it makes isn't dramatic so it's a good everyday mascara. It also feels rather wet and takes awhile to dry.

Although the formula claims to be waterproof I don't really find it so. It can smudge if I tear up from yawning or laughing. Crying would probably result in two black, or purple, rivulets down my face.

If I'm short up for cash, or needed to buy a mascara while on a trip, this is an excellent deal. Also if you're tempted to give coloured mascaras a go, this makes for an affordable experiment. Definitely worth a look!


prettybeautiful said...

i loved this last time!!! till..i found better ones :P

Lisa said...

I always wonder how this mascara will fare. :)

Kahani said...

PrettyB: Ahh, but are they cheaper? That's the point of this review.

Lisa: Not too bad it seems. =)

Cyndi said...

It is actually okay for its price :)

Jenn said...

Sounds not bad ya this mascara!! I remember there was a buy 1 free 1 offer for the longest time ever so it's even cheaper!! Will pick up a tube to try when i'm back! haha! :D

Traclyn Yeoh said...

I still have this mascara in blue. It was difficult to get the colors up on my lashes. It promised to volume and lengthen but just so so! It doesn't clump so fast though.

But for the prize and it's function, I would say not too bad too.

LyNn said...

hmm. i see to have diff point of view.
i hated this mascara..
just didnt work for me.
maybe i should give it another try.
but then i exchanged it already.
owh well

Kahani said...

Cyndi: That's where i'm coming from, babe! Glad you agree =)

Jenn: It's the curiosity thing that gets you isn't it?

Traclyn: Well to be fair Benefit has Bad Gal Blue and Bad Gal Plum and neiter reaaaallyyy turn your lashes blue or blum. It's more like a tint that leans towards that shade if you get what I mean. Brands have to balance between fun and wearability. Having said that, there are some like Gosh and Barry M that WILL turn your lashes blue, or pink, or gold. But I think the M'sian market may not be quite ready for it yet. We're not all up to Connie's Calibre. =D

Lynn: Ooh ouch. What went wrong girl? And no, don't bother with it again if it didn't work for you. That's the beauty of blogs right? Differing opinions. =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for this review!! :D really appreciate it becoz I can't seem to find any other valid reviews on this mascara D:

Maxine said...

this mascara doesn't do justice to typical asian eyes i think. it doesn't clump but even after using eyelash curler, it doesn't open your eyes at all. it has a pretty heavy formula.