June 22, 2009

Monday Announcement: Launch of Frocking Around!

Running this beauty blog with Syen & Eli has been an incredible journey, the people I've met, the things I've learnt and the doors it has opened. So, it should come as no surprise that I'm eager to run straight down the yellow brick road of my other passion - pretty dresses.

I love each and every one of you who read So Loverly, so what better audience could I hope for to launch my new baby?

Introducing Frocking Around a fashion blog dedicated to rocking the frock! The adorable jumper you see there, is my co-blogger Meldee. (I have a thing for co-bloggers you see, everything's more fun when it's shared.)

Come on over, let me know what you think, and here's to another really fun journey, in pretty dresses. Can you tell I'm raring to go?


Ps. Don't worry, I'm not leaving So Loverly!


plue said...

Congrats hun! :D :D :D

Meldee... hm, izzit someone we know? :P

need click on ur link right now!

Tine said...

Yay!! Purdy dresses to see :P

Eli said...

*cheers for Kahani and Mel*

Paris B said...

Woot! Yay for new sites and yay for pretty dresses! You're so gonna rock that site hehe... The weather must be right for growing new sites ;)

Kahani said...

Plue: You met her at Ole Ole Bali woman!

Tine: We hopes soooo...

Eli: *cheers back* Contribute? =D

ParisB: It's called frustation. No guys to spend energy on, so I start sites. =P YOu starting one too? =D

plue said...

yes yes! when i click onto the blog link and saw the Mel's face, okay, so that's meldee! LOL.

sorry, i am a little slow on mondays! :P

Jenn said...

Yeah!! Pretty dresses for meee to seee!! :D

The site's looking good Kahani! ;)

Connie De Alwis said...

congrats on the new blog!! yay! more Meldee and Kahani :D

Syen said...

Congrats babe! As earlier said, your new baby's looking good. =D

*makes more coo-ing sounds*

Meldee said...

Awww NOW only I see this. Thanks guys! :D

And Eli, your display pic is WOW! Love the sexy Leo hair. xx