July 23, 2009

Beauty Tips: Playing like a Girl

Hands up if you were at the MASCA NCG games 2 weeks ago! I was there screaming, cheering and playing so you might have seen me. If you didn't, fret not. I look pretty different on court.

If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, the Malaysian students in Australia have an annual sports meet where we get to meet and wallop the crap out of each other in the name of sportsmanship and national solidarity.

After getting all sweaty and bruised, I thought a post combining sports and keeping pretty would be a great idea. Some of the best players went out there wearing eyeliner and lip tint. I had to resist the temptation to run after them and ask if they were using K-Palette eyeliner as I couldn't see any smudge traces after the game.

Maybe I should have asked. (Are any of the Queensland futsal girls reading this?)

Anyway, here is my list of things I would bring to a sports meet or a gym trip.

1. A large bottle of water. Pretty much self-explanatory as you have to keep yourself hydrated during a game. Some guys I know add a pinch of salt to their water to keep themselves from cramping up. My uncle used to drink some vile concoction of water, honey and salt for his endurance bike rides -- not recommended as I would keel over and die before reaching the court.

2. A face towel. To wipe off the sweat, of course. As my coach says: If you aren't sweating and panting, you weren't playing.

3. Facial wipes. If you aren't showering after the games, these babies come in handy for cleaning your face, neck, pits and other body parts which need some freshening up.

4. Dry shampoo. All of us suffer from flat head after a game but not all of us can be bothered to bring bottles of shampoo and conditioner with us. Not to mention the hassle of drying your hair. Happily, Batiste just came out with handy 50ml cans of their dry shampoo for AUD4.95. Just don't forget to bring a brush along.

5. Anti-perspirant. Need I say more?

6. Contact lens solution + case. Just in case your lenses need a rinse. A friend's contacts dropped out after a really vicious game of basketball a few months ago and she had to pop them back in without rinsing. Nasty. She scored the winning 3 pointer though.

7. Sunscreen. You'll need to top up every few hours if you are out in the sun.

If you suffer from backacne like I do, a good wash with something containing salicylic acid followed by some scrubbing (I use a face cloth for this. Loofahs are too abrasive for my back) works wonders.

I go barefaced when I am on court but if you really do feel the overwhelming need to put something on your face, please use budge-proof and waterproof products. And road test them first by going for a run or swim. You don't want to take victory photos with eyeliner dripping down the sides of your face, do you?

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