July 17, 2009

Great Deal: Eyeko VIP Set for £25 + Quick Reviews

If you've been lusting for Eyeko stuff, this could be your chance to grab a bag full of loot for less. Worth £45 but going for £25 (with free shipping) this is a great chance to sample a whole lot of Eyeko products. But as your friendly neighbourhood beauty blogger I have to warn you that so far I haven't been very impressed with the products I've received (yes I am a DREADFUL ambassador) but their marketing and customer service is wonderful.

When a package went missing due to a mix up, the sweet people at Eyeko not only refunded the money I spent on their site, they even sent me a care package with Eyeko Sexy Eyes, some makeup remover wipes and a peppermint balm by Beauty Rehab.

In the VIP set you will get (brief comments reviewing products I've tried):
Eyeko Cream - Pretty, shimmery, pink and thick I thought this would be a great dupe for Benefit That Gal and in looks it actually does function similarly. But this broke me out and That Gal didn't.

Eyeko Tinted Cream

Eyeko Touch Up & Go Concealer

Eyeko Touch Up & Glow Highlighter.

Eyeko Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss - I have this in cherry and have never used it. Tin is crazy pretty but the scent was cloyingly sweet.

Eyeko Punk Polish - while the milk bottle style bottle is very very cute, I found it very impractical. For one thing, it's a huge mouth so your polish dries up faster in the bottle as you're painting it on. You also have to be careful not to splatter polish about when taking the brush out. Plus, I have this in the shade "pretty nails" ( a tad streaky but very pretty) and after only one use couldn't unscrew the top anymore. It was completely stuck!

All in a Eyeko Silver Shopper complete with 5 cute Eyeko badges.

Now some bloggers, like Nikki, genuinely love Eyeko products and the products really work well for them. So because I love the company's approach so much I haven't totally given up on the line. Compare reviews and decide if it will work for you!

Don't forget to enter my Eyeko Beauty Ambassador Code: E1598 for a free gift!

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