August 06, 2009

Great for everyday: Garnier Bodylight Whitening Hydrating UV Lotion

To me, the real secret behind whitening lotions, is not how powerful they are (actually one that bleached skin would be baaaad) but how likely I am to use it everyday. First off I must emphasise that I didn't buy this lotion hoping to get fairer - but to just even out my skintone a bit and benefit from the additional sun protection. I've tried lotions like this (Nivea mostly) in the past and have never been addicted enough to use it daily - till now.

This is a very light formula that sinks in instantly. I don't have dry skin, so ladies who do may not find this moisturising enough. I actually use this mostly as a hand cream - I decanted some into a small squeezy tube I carry around in my bag and have also squeezed some into a jar I keep on my desk. The remaining half bottle sits at my beauty station.

The non-greasy formula makes it convenient for use on my hands. However it doesn't last long, needed to be reapplied after hand-washing. This is where having small jars and tubes of it everywhere work.

I confess I chose it because of the scent. You see, the hand cream jar on my desk looks exactly like a lemon. I love it and when the original cream ran out I wanted to top it up with something lemon scented. I plumped for Garnier's Whitening lotion because to me, it smells of ice lemon tea! Not many others seem to think so though, still I love the lemony scent and this addicts me to it and encourages regular use.

After a month's use, my hands and arms have been hydrated and I do believe the skintone is evening out. My watch-mark is certainly less distinct, and the slight freckles I had on the back of my hands have vanished.

Priced at around RM9 for this 250ml bottle it is fabulously affordable which also encourages frequent and lavish use. I will probably repurchase the large bottle with a pump once this smaller one has run out. It's lasting pretty well though, I've had it for a month and will probably have enough for yet another month before I need to replenish.


plue said...

tee hee! me like this too! :D

glad to know u like it too! :D

Askmewhats said...

same with you, if ever I do have any whitening product on my vanity, it doesn't mean I want to have bleached looking skin *blech* but it's because I wanted to lighten the dark spots or whatever spots I may have, thanks for your review :)

Shortcake said...

hey, i'm using this! I bought it cos of the scent too :)

Meng Xue said...

I am using this cos at that time when I was looking for a body scrub, Garnier had this is a promo pack together with the Bodylight scrub. But I don't like it. Not very absorbable on my skin, and I don't like the smell. Now, I am just trying to finish it up.

Kahani said...

Hey ladies, sorry for taking so long to respond. Things have been kind of mad here.

Plue: Wheee! =)

Nikki: Glad you like it. And yes I'm all for evening out skintone but bleaching is scarrryyy...

shortcake: Tee hee!

Meng Xue: Sorry it didn't work out for you. But I'm glad you didn't have to waste money on a product you dislike.