September 03, 2009

Review: Revlon Nailpolish in Opulent Pink

Dare I say it? I think I've finally found my HG pink shade for my nails! Meet a new shade from Revlon - 904 Opulent Pink. A lovely neutral pink infused with fine shimmer, it's bright enough and warm enough not to make my fingers look corpse-like and not so brilliant that my colleagues get distracted by the shiny pinkness.

Since testing this shade out I've gotten countless compliments on my nails and who doesn't love compliments?

One coat lays down an almost opaque layer. However there is a fault with this nailpolish - it can be streaky. So two thin layers, replacing the cap and shaking well every now and then, definitely helps

Oddly enough I find it doesn't apply well over a base coat at all. Then it gets REALLY streaky. It performs much better on bare nails - so it's a good thing it doesn't stain.

While not promising to be quick-dry it really doesn't take too long. I have no trouble finishing my nails complete with a top coat in the 40 mins it takes to watch an episode of Leverage.

Wear and tear
With a top coat this polish lasts a week easily with little wear on the tips of my nails. Oddly enough I do find it peels near the cuticle first before it chips at the tips. I do prefer to top up with another layer of top coat mid-week to preserve that shiny finish though.

Despite it's slightly streaky formula (it really isn't bad) I do believe I've found a winner here at RM19.90. I hope they never stop making this lovely shade.

Edit 03/09/09: Sorry ladies forgot to add two things. One, I got this bottle free to review, and two, at 14.7 ml I think it contains more nailpolish than most. Whether it's a good thing depends on how long it lasts before it dries out.


LyNn said...

great that someone finally reviewed revlon's nail polishes.
haha now im waiting for rimmel's
thanks to brands like elianto, the face shop and etude house, im now reluctant to buy other brands because they are so cheap :\

Kahani said...

Lynn: LOL I'll get around to this soon. Thing is the shades Rimmel makes come and go so fast and the quality differs between the shades.

Askmewhats said...

the shade is too pretty and too girly! i love it!

prettybeautiful said...

i love the pink!!!! (i have got so many diff shades of pink but i still want more)

jeen said...

hmm... how does the formula and application compare to OPI?
I'm hesitant to venture into drugstore lacquers, although I can vouch for skin food's nail polishes and those are cheap as

gio said...

That's a very pretty shade!

Erny said...

I was so tempt to try Revlon's nail polish for a long time dy. Now, I think I can try this colour. thanks!

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh!! I got some Revlon nail polishes too and I love them! started painting the night I got them hehe. the pink looks so sweet :D

Kahani said...

Hi ladies, thanks for all your interest. I'm so sorry for being so late to reply. My office server has a filter or something that bars me from the blog. I can get around it with proxy sites but cannot comment or post (hence the missing friday post I couldn't correct). And over the weekend I took a computer break.

Nikki & prettyB: It really is. I have many pinks too and none I like as much as this.

Jeen: Hey dear sorry but I've never used OPI myself. I've only had them apply to me. I think this is a cut above Skinfood though.

Gio: Thanks!

Erny: Hope you love it as much as I do. =D

Connie: I'm still staring at the bottle of black polish I got. Have no clue if I'll ever feel comfy about wearing it.

Organic Cosmetic Brushes said...

Yes it very nice and shiny and yet soft shade....I love the quality of Revlon.

Lavender said...

Wonderful colour. Maybe can add some flowers to it. Visit my site for ideas perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I have this shade too. It is a very pretty shade. I have it on my toes right now and I think I"m going to paint my fingernails with it in a little bit. I love Revlon nail polishes.