December 28, 2009

Monday's Beauty Confessions

Hello ladies! How was your Christmas? With New Year's just up ahead, I really can't quite wait for the Spring collections to hit. So to kick things off, I'll just name a few collections that you might see me running home with once I see them on the counters. Spring 2010 is really pushing a few right buttons for me, what with everyone going big on blushers. Can't wait!

Christian Dior - With their Boudoir Look collection, the star product for me must surely be the blush. Isn't it just gorgeous? Reminds me of lacy lingerie, which was probably the whole idea? I've been eyeing Dior blushers for a long while now. And this is just too exquisite to pass up. Their eyeshadow palettes are looking good too.

Benefit - This is hardly Spring, as it's already available online (and since I've already made an order for one), but seeing as I'll only be getting my paws on it next year... guess I'll lump Sugarbomb in with the other Spring goodies. It's said to have 4 flattering shades of peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose powders. Sounds pretty!

Bobbi Brown - Yes, I know I've been naughty with Bobbi this Christmas (what with getting Maui and Pewter, but I really can't ignore a collection called Cabana Corals. More so when they've got a shimmerbrick called Nectar. I must check it out!

Guerlain - The Cherry Blossom blush must surely be on the hit list of (almost) every makeup junkie out there. While I'm not actually sure whether I'll be able to afford yet another gorgeous blush item, I think you can count on me to be there at the counter to drooling over it.

Shu Uemura - One collection, finally, that I'm going ga-ga over something besides their blushers. It's already out on their site, but I'm hoping it'll make its way to Malaysian counters in time for their Spring release. I'm talking about the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine. I've seen it online, read reviews and now I am wanting it very badly. Can anyone please tell me if and when they'll be here?

So, what are you eyeing for Spring?

(Photo courtesy of Temptalia.)


Eli said...

Sugarbomb looks lovely. I'll definitely check it out in stores to see if it's too light.

Btw, Nectar was part of the BB mini shimmer brick release. Sold out EVERYWHERE in Sydney. I didn't even get a chance to swatch it. Thank goodness it's joining the permanent collection. At a lower price too.

Syen said...

I so can't wait for it to hit the counters. And 2010 seems to be a year full of blush promises. =)