December 30, 2009

Primp & Prattle: What do your Boys think of Makeup?

Lordy, I am still recovering from the Christmas festivities and New Year's Eve is right around the corner. Has anyone made any New Year resolutions for 2010 yet?

Two girl friends and I were at the Bobbi Brown counter on Boxing Day when one of them asked, "Eli, what does Mr A. think of your makeup habits?"

I grinned. "Not much."

My boy can only be described as a Spartan in his habits. He has only one bottle of body wash on his bathroom shelf which serves as facial cleanser and shampoo, has no styling products and only shaves every couple of days without any shaving cream or what not. His stock response is "It works. Why bother?"

So while he thinks that I am lovely and rational person in every way, my makeup habits make him think that I am a vain bimbo. Whenever I murmur about a lovely blush, I get shot down with, "I think you look better without blush." (But to be fair though, he'll try to find me a better deal online afterwards)

My friend laughed when I told her that and agreed. Her boyfriend refers to her makeup as "colouring pencils".

We have resorted to using the bare minimum and go for the bare fresh-faced look instead. Which gets a response of, "You look great. So much better without those layers of colour."

*cough* Thanks, honey. I am an au naturale chick.

My father teases me madly whenever I get dolled up. My guy pals swing between not caring or feeling pleased that I make an effort to look nice whenever we meet up.

Instead of a review this week, I decided to give you girls a topic to chew on. What do your boys (husbands, boyfriends or guy pals) think of your beauty junkie ways? I know that Jenn's husband got her a fridge for her cosmetics (if my boy ever does that, I'll have to check him into the psych ward) and Syen mentioned getting a lovely Christmas pressie from her husband but not all of us have such supportive men.

So spill your guts! Everything stays here at So Loverly. ;)


plue said...

my bf only bought me 1 stila palette 2 or 3 years ago, and um, nothing else? he hates the idea of me buying makeup cuz i have too much which i have to agree.

and he prefers the au naturale look rather than me having a bit of colours. >_< he commented me looking weird using even brown shadow! sigh.

but at least now he knows when i have mascara and blush on. haha!

Askmewhats said...

of course our loved ones I would say prefer us the sans makeup look, but you know what's so funny? You ask my husband what a primer is, what's a nice brand of blush or what does a setting powder do, he'll answer it like he's a girl! :) LOL He listens to my blabbing and he doesn't mind coz he knows it makes me happy :)

Petra said...

It depends on how exhibitionist I get with makeup on. :D

Jenn said...

Hehehehe ya he did get me a drybox to store my makeup!! I love that man to bits! <3 loled at your comment if your man did the same!! XD

the hubs hates it when i have lipstick / lipgloss on. he think i'm poisoning myself with those... >.<

kuri said...

what an interesting topic!
I think my boy thinks it's amusing, and he says I don't need makeup but he doesn't mind. He knows I find it fun.
He's rather spartan too, but at least has facial cleanser and shaving gel.

Eli said...

Plue: At least your guy has caught on to blush. Mine hasn't! Which might be a good thing actually. Hmm...

Nikki: Your husband is one in a million. Mr A. will listen to me but it'll be the case of in one ear and out the next.

Petra: Err, exhibitionist how?

Jenn: I would love your man too if that happened to me!

The boy objects to the taste and feel of lip gloss and balm. The day it occurs to him that its poison... Die lah, everything will go out of the window.

kuri: Lucky you! *yearns for a makeup-supportive guy*

Syen said...

LOL! Awesome post, Eli! =D

My boy. Hmm.. hate to brag but he's actually par excellence. He knows when I have makeup on, he goes makeup hunting for me in foreign countries, helps me buy makeup, then refuses to let me pay. He knows brands like NARS, and Cargo (much to the bewilderment of some of his lady friends who go, "Who? What? NARS?"). He knows the aura that comes with the name Sephora. And encouraged me to shop there in Athens.

He tells me "You smell delicious" when I wear his favourite scented moisturiser, and will happily walk into MAC or a Bobbi Brown store with me.

Of course, there are limits to his makeup-patience. But on the whole, it doesn't get any better than that. =D

PS: He used to be spartan-ish, but he's seems happy enough now to be spoilt for choice when it comes to face and body products. LOL.

Kahani said...

Syen: Well considering he used to whine when you didn't use any, I hold him responsible for continuing to support the monster he helped create! =P

As for me, I sadly do NOT look better au naturale. Every single person agrees I look blah without and way better with. The one exception waved his hand around my made up face insisting "see? She looks great without makeup RIGHT NOW", making everyone around double up laughing because of course the foundation had been applied with a trowel. One other guy got to witness the entire process start to finish and said in an awestruck voice, "Eh, I say man. Makeup is DAMNED cheating!"

Steph said...

Does Mr. A follow this blog??? Lol! The last guy I dated refused to come in contact with any sorta lip product regardless of whether it comes on a pair of lips or from a tube. :( As metro as he was, he was unwilling to use lipbalm even when his lips were cracking like the thirsty sahara's grounds and I offered to get him the Kiehl's men's lippy. But he didn't mind plastering his face with pimple cream! I don't understand.

Yani said...

Great post, Eli! I'm with Syen :) , managed to train the hubby to accept/tolerate my beauty addiction - he knows his Sephoras and La Mers and Molton Browns. A lot has to do with my previous job in the magazine industry, he takes full advantage of it because I'd get his perfumes and shower gels and cleansing gel for him.
He's good enough to shop around for products for me whenever he travels for work too, so I'm happy!

Connie De Alwis said...

Entertaining post, Eli!

Hmm... my boy threatens to sell my collection since it's apparently worth a small fortune :p

While he appears to not pay attention but he's been passively absorbing all the information to the point that he knows how makeup should be properly worn! He's actually criticized other girls for not blending their foundation or wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow without mascara. He knows brands too!

When it comes to me, he's all about the lashes. Not big on lippies and will usually push me away if I try to kiss him with lipgloss on.