January 21, 2010

Review: Orly In a Snap quick drying topcoat

Sorry to use a stock photo but I couldn't find my shot of it (which I knew I took, argh!). This isn't available in Malaysia anymore but I managed to pick it up on eBay from a US retailer for about USD$8 including shipping. Pretty decent!

So what's the verdict? Sadly while it's great, it's not quite HG material. When applied over dry polish it sets wonderfully fast. It's dry to touch in a minute and completely dry in five.

But there is a trade-off, with some polishes, my nails start chipping in two days even if I apply two layers and top it off again in between. I find that this polish works better with some colours than others - brand doesn't seem to be a factor!

For example, Revlon in Copperglaze Platinum lasts over five days chip free with this, but Opulent Pink chips in 2 days. It's head scratchingly odd.

The funny thing is, I remember the old formula had these problems - but five years later that funky smelling bottle is wonderful. Should I set this aside for 5 years and let it thicken then? =P

I'm still looking out for my HG quick dry polish. Until then I can't live without this. I don't mind painting my nails every 3-4 days compared to waking up the next day with smudged or hatched nails.


LyNn said...

just wondering
apart from this topcoat
what other quick drying topcoats have you tried?

Askmewhats said...

oh no, chipped after 2 days??? You can try OPI's RapiDry, my nail polish is still alive after hmm..5 days for now :)

Kahani said...

Lynn: That's about it really. =P Am gonna give Sally Hansen a whirl next I think.

Nikki: Ooh really? The reviews on MUA were so bad I decided not to get it!

jeen said...

Kahani, try the 30-second Sally Hansen one - the one in a clear red bottle, not the clear bottle - it's my ol' faithful.
The clear bottle is cheaper and dries about as fast but it doesn't lay down as thick a layer as the red bottle. The stuff in the red bottle stays chip-free for several days to a week, depending on what you put your nails through.

I also have it on good authority that it's the closest dupe to seche vite :)

Kahani said...

omg jeen... you're a godsend. I hope they sell it here. Yes I've been moping around because seche vite isn't hereeee...