March 08, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits

I've heard of the German professional makup line Kryolan before but never actually tried their products. Now you can buy it from this blogshop in Malaysia I gotta admit that the mattifying loose powder is starting to tempt me. Recommendations?

Oh and I spotted a new L'Oreal Hydrafresh moisturiser the other day called Icy Matte. The ingredients list has NO DIMETHICONE which immediately piqued my interest. Although it's really cheap at under RM30 I just got a large bottle of Clinique's DDMG and so am not keen on trying a new moisturiser. Anyone tried it yet? Can't find any info on it online.

Speaking of new, I'm lemming the new range of lipsticks from Chanel - Coco Rouge like crazy! They're not here in Malaysia yet but if you want to drool, Beautygeeks has videos and Makeup & Beauty has swatches! Mademoiselle & Cambon are calling to me!

Craving OPI, China Glaze or Essie nail polishes? Fruity Sensation is holding a nailpolish spree for these brands - I've never shopped from them before so I can't vouch. But if you're looking to buy it might be worth a try.

Finally, beauty tip of the week: I took a pretty bad tumble two weeks ago, which you can read something about at my other site, Frocking Around. My knee was bruised and cut up fairly badly and as it healed it started to itch. I began using a pump of Colonial Dames Vitamin E Oil on it nightly and today there's no bruising and barely any scar. I'm quite sure I don't usually heal so fast. So whee! Give it a try on your cuts and scrapes when they start healing.


Syen said...

Helloos! I've heard of Kryolan before too, and I believe one of my colleagues has used it before. But as it's actually stage makeup (if I'm not mistaken), it does seem awfully thick for everyday makeup. But apparently it holds up forever. =P

Anonymous said...

Hmm I'm pretty certain the clinique gel has dimethicone in it..

Kahani said...

Syen: Just lookin' at the powder actually. I think all the oils in the foundy would keel me.

Anon: Yes it does - I think it's a question of quantity.

Anonymous said...

You MUST check out shrinkle on ebay. She sells rare shades of one of Kryolans best everyday makeup products - eye dusts. She also has her own makeup line - Sugarpill cosmetics. Its enough color to last you for a lifetime.

Oh! The best product that Kryolan makes is their Aquacolor base. Want a purple shadow to really stand out? Put it over an Aquacolor black base or a purple one. There is a shimmer line and a metallic line of the aquacolors - I have the shimmer black, and its magical as a base.

I would stay away from the single potted eyeshadows - lots of fallout, lack of blendability, they are just blah.