April 22, 2010

Awesome Budget Find: Silky Girl Quick Clean Nail Polish Remover in Extra Strength

Right you know you're starting to have memory problems when you THINK you've written a post.. only it's blank. Sorry girls!

I actually thought to try this out thanks to a series of Tweets between Beetrice and ParisB. Sally Hansen's Extra Strength was ridiculously useless, so when I saw this cost under RM10 (can't remember exact price 'cos it was discounted), I thought "what the hell" and gave it a try.

Girls this stuff is DA BOM. One cotton pad takes off five fingers worth of nailpolish and topcoats, painlessly. It's amazing. You just press for a bit and swipe it off. I used to think the whole "press and hold" thing was a myth since it never worked with cruddy Sally Hansen. But with this stuff, no rubbing, no angst... SWOOP clean nails!

Because it takes so little time to get off, dryness and brittleness is definitely not a problem. So if you're looking for cheap and good remover... give this a shot.


Jenn said...

This is my favourite too!! So cheap and good!! :D

Paris B said...

Mine is the blue one - smells horrible but does the job quickly. Does try my nails out a little though and keep it away from lacquered tables. My used cotton pad rested on the table for a sec and there's a "hole" in the lacquer now. Potent stuff.

LyNn said...

wonder if the gentle version works just as well
saw the gentle version was acetone free.
i think that this would be the cheapest acetone free nail polish remover in the market
however, i wanna try cutex first

rinnah said...

Hmm, this post is timely as my Sally Hansen is on its last drops! And I get what you mean - with Sally Hansen I have to rub for ages before everything comes off completely clean, especially with salon manicures. :( Under RM10? I don't mind giving this a shot.