April 01, 2010

Crazy awesome tinted lip balm: Lanolips in Apples

Calling this crazy pigmented lippy a tinted lip balm is doing it an injustice. It's more like a very moisturising lip gloss. Very moisturising!

Containing lanolin (yes it's from sheep and so isn't vegan friendly), it's thick, smooth, and glossy.It can be sheered out to give lips a natural tint, or packed on with a lip brush for evening glamour.

It won't last as long as a red lipstick of course but it's a joy to reapply. Oh and it even has SPF15. Aweesooomeee...

In case you're wondering, it's scentless and tasteless so it doesn't smell sheepy. =P

My one issue with this gloss is that it doesn't even TRY to have an applicator. I've always preferred glosses with either a brush or doe foot applicator but this one doesn't even have a slanted or rounded tip. It'a a tube's tip. Period. For sheer application I have to use my finger, and for a brilliant, true red, I use a lip brush.

It's a pressie from Eli and costs AUD$13.90 - pricey but it really is quite lovely. I'm angling to get a pretty pink shade now.

(PS: sorry ladies I wanted to upload a swatch but wretched internet not cooperating! Will do it when I can!)


kuri said...

spf15 and moisturizing and pigmented? sold! I want! Argh, but perhaps unavailable here. Must look around. Why is it the Australian brands? I started using my Bloom lip gloss again recently, and was reminded of how comfortable it feels. It's really nice.

Tine said...

I have full access to this and yet I've not even try it out yet. Talk about slapping myself on the forehead :P

LyNn said...

i viewed the shades
and im eye-ing on rose too!
such a pretty pink

Kahani said...

kuri: maybe the insane weather there lends itself to moisturising lippies?

Tine: Well you have to admit the packaging's a wee bit jeng and the price kinda high. But now you know.

Lynn: And the new shade, Rhubarb. SHO PRETTY!

Connie De Alwis said...

but I DO love the smell of lamb! Waiting for the swatch. It sounds incredible, this awesome lip glossy lip balm

Addicted 2 Lip Balm said...

Love Lanolips, it's very popular!
Just wanted to let you all know that you can order Lanolips plus many more Australian lip balms from my store www.Addicted2LipBalm.com.au and we ship worldwide. Thanks xx

Eli said...

I am wondering what is Lisa's take on Dark Honey now, hee hee.

milktea said...

I've never seen a lip product with a (Merino?) sheep as its "face" before! :-) Look closely.. the darn sheep's got pout-y lips too!