April 09, 2010

Feedback Wanted: Highlights or Curls?

Hello girlies,

It's Friiiiday!!! *Phew* Seems like it took forever to get here.

Anyway, here's a little something to share with you girls, and then I'd like you to share your opinion with me. Of late, people have been coming up to me with comments like, "Oh. Your hairs really long now."

Of course, these people haven't met Kahani.

But nevermind. My hair is kinda long now. By my standards anyway. The longest bits are at about bra-strap level, so it's about mid-back. And I've been thinking of getting something done about my hair. I'm just a wee bit bored with it already.

Read on to see what I've done with my hair in the last few years.


I've highlighted my hair about twice so far, usually with a bright copper shade. I rather liked it. But this time, was considering perhaps dyeing my whole head. I'm not thaat adventurous, so maybe a medium-dark shade of brown?

Curls/ Permed

(I have much better pictures which show off my much-beloved curls, but alas I can't find them now! Will upload when I find them.)

I've also permed my hair twice I believe. And I really really loved my curly hair. Not as much in the first few weeks when the curls are fresh, because they can be a leeeettle bit too much. But after a month or so, they soften into soft, gorgeous curls that I just love.

Generally, I prefer to stick with long hair because I have a really baby face, and short hair makes me look even younger. I've had short-cropped hair in my secondary school days, and it's not really something I plan to go back to.

So in conclusion. What do you girls think? Highlights, dye-job, or curls? Or a double combo? Or all three?

Feedback please!


Anonymous said...

I love curls straight hair is overated

Connie De Alwis said...

dye and highlight combo.
Curls... hmm... I LOVE wavy hair but like you said, in the early stages it can look a bit too much ie. "auntie"

The Undercover Gypsy said...

I like the dye+highlight combo too...it leaves you room to style your hair in any way you want...unlike perms that, like you pointed out, have that "adjustment period"....besides, a few hot rollers/curling iron can give you curls any time you want :)

Jenn said...

triple combo!! Dye, highlight and curl!! Wahaha!! :D

You look lovely in both pictures girl!! :D

Askmewhats said...

I like them all too!!!! The highlight looks so gorgeous on you!! I've never tried highlights, would you believe that? hehehe

Syen said...

Anon: Hahah.. you do have a point.

Connie: Not a bad option. I've not tried that before either. =P

Gypsy: That's the thing! I try to keep my daily routine as simple as possible. I've never used a curling iron. You won't believe how easy my curly-hair routine was: wash, condi, scrunch hair with towel to dry it out a bit, apply a bit of curling cream (medium texture), and air dry. And I end up with gooorgeous curls. Serious. I didn't believe it myself either.

Jenn: My scalp might fry if I did all three together! LOL. Thanks!

Nikki: LOL. Thanks! You should try highlights. Really! =P

Tamara said...

I think you should be a little more adventurous and dye your hair in a lighter colors. That would be sooo pretty!

rinnah said...

Curl + highlights combo FTW! I'm planning to grow my hair out so I can do that. Ehehehe... :)

Nani said...

My vote goes to highlight. :) It suits you nicely. I curled and highlighted my hair before (both were done together) and it really destroyed my hair. Split ends, *sigh*,and curl needs a lot of maintenance, although i am thinking whether or not i should perm my hair now. hehehe...:p

Syen said...

Tamara, Rinnah & Nani: Thanks for the feedback ladies! =)