June 02, 2010

Agree or Disagree: Women look better on Mondays

It isn't Monday for most of you but it feels like Monday for me! The past 2 days were public holidays in Sabah so today marks the start of my working week.

According to a study by Debenhams, women spend more time on their appearance on Monday and less as the week goes by.

"On average, women spend 76 minutes getting ready on Mondays -- with almost a third of that spent on their hair -- 18 minutes on make-up, 16 minutes trying on different combinations of clothes and the rest taken up by showering and washing.

This is reduced to 40 minutes on Tuesdays and continues to decline as the week goes on, falling to 19 minutes on Fridays."

I admit guilty to being one of those Monday girls. Although I don't spend 76 minutes on my appearance, I take about 45 minutes to get ready on Mondays and cut it down to about 30 minutes for the rest of the week. Maybe it's because I have started showering in cold water from Tuesday onwards to wake up.

I tend to put on less makeup too. Eyeshadow and eyeliner only puts in an appearance on Mondays and Tuesdays. I stick with the bare minimum for the rest of the week: Concealer, foundation, blush, lippie and mascara.

Do your standards drop as well through the week? Click on comments and share!


Askmewhats said...

I don't know about the rest of the women population but I don't look good on Monday! at all! LOL

Paris B said...

I actually think I look better on other days of the week, possibly peaking around Wednesday because on Mondays, I tend to oversleep and rush my looks. By mid week, I've got my rhythm back and I do my face faster and better. I slack off over the weekend :P

rinnah said...

I must not be in line with the rest of the female population then... I don't do more or less over the entire work-week... I doggedly stick to the same routine of bare minimum fuss and scoot out the door under 20 minutes every morning. Hahaha... :P

But I will admit that on Mondays I'm normally not that dressed up because I'm too depressed at the start of yet another work-week to pick out or coordinate anything nice. :P

plue said...

i am not one of those who dress up better on mondays or any other days XD i am too lazy and i usually sleep in.

unless i know after work i need to go somewhere, den ya i do a bit of dressing up n makeup, but if not, usually go naked on the face n fuss free dressing

Syen said...

Uhhh... I'm in a rush most days, be it Monday or Friday. =P

I reeeally need to make use of my makeup more. Sigh.

Eli said...

By all your comments, I am beginning to think that I should move to UK! But I typically wake up early on weekdays to do some housework before leaving for work so I leave myself some time to pretty myself up before heading in to the office.