June 16, 2010

Found It! Cheap 'Cone-free Conditioner

After searching high and low for a cheap 'cone-free conditioner in Malaysia, I finally found it in, of all places, a supermarket in Sabah. I ran in to stock up on some food and emerged triumphant with a bottle of conditioner in my hand.

Dad gave me a long look when I hopped into the car. "I thought you said no more toiletries?"

Uh, whoops.

My curly girl heart did a pitter-pat of happiness when I saw Suave and VO5 bottles on the shelf. Note that the Asian VO5 conditioner is full of silicones and not CG-friendly. When I saw the US packaging, my face lit up like a light bulb.

I should have checked Merdeka supermarket from the start. It's one of my favourite supermarkets as it happens to stock a wide variety of imported goods (only place in Malaysia where I can get English Lemon Curd and Betty Crocker Devil's Food cake mix). It only makes sense that they would have shampoo and conditioners from the US.

I bought the largest bottle of conditioner I could find in there: a family sized bottle of Suave (665ml) in aloe and waterlily for RM 12. The other conditioners came in 440ml sizes for RM 8.

So, if you are Sabahan (or a Bruneian who visits Sabah frequently) and want to give conditioner-only washing a go, hop over to Merdeka Supermarket on Jalan Penampang. It's across the road from Lido and quite hard to miss.

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Askmewhats said...

I don't know why but this never work for me! hhhehe must be our differences with our hair texture :D