July 05, 2010

How do you mend a broken heart?

With retail therapy, of course.

After the incident I told you girls about last week (you can read about it here), I ended doing a little shopping spree to help get my broken heart chugging again.

But before that, let's have a look at what the makeup-mad gals have been up to in June, 2010.

  • Beetrice of Beetrice's Reviews has me wanting to run over to L'Occitane to check out their Peony Makeup Collection!
  • If you're a little mad about getting your bag super organised like ParisB of My Women Stuff, then this might just be what you need!
  • Getting married and want great hair for your big day? Xin of Pretty Beautiful has some pretty neat tips.
  • Lipglosseater Jenn's review of this Mushroom & Ginseng product had me running back to Boots.
  • Yani of Red Luscious Lips is sorely tempting me with this one Benefit product. And it's got great advice to give too. *grin*
  • Nikki of Askmewhats shares her love for this body sunblock which I really wished they'd bring in to Malaysia!

And now for pics of my little shopping spree, after the jump.

I had to get a new wallet anyway, and I fell in love with this one from Nose. Yes Nose. Who knew they had some pretty lovely stuff? While the colour is perfectly me, the butterfly motive prevents it from being too plain. Loves! And the clutch (my first) is from Nose too! Buy one item and get the other at 20% off. Not a bad buy eh?

And I chanced upon the Elizabeth Arden counter, where I found out that the Mineral Powder foundation I've been dying to try is finally here. And I found a Dior lipstick shade I really liked. Had to make a lipstick purchase to soothe my soul a little bit. I lost about 5 lipsticks & 5 lipbalms in that one fateful day. *sniffles*

This line from Dior may turn out to be my fave lipsticks of all time. They're uber moisturising and glossy, and they come in a classy little package too. This one's called Pink Seduction.

And now I'm sure my heart would mend all the faster after I get this amazing Canon S90 as a replacement for my beloved Canon Ixus 800IS, as a carry-around camera!

Happy Monday!


rinnah said...

Ah, the Canon S90... a great camera! :)

(Trust me to zoom in on the only techie item on the list, eh? :P )

Askmewhats said...

Canon S90 is great! I've read reviews! I am in love with the brand! Both mine and hubby's SLR is from Canon and even our point and shoot one is from Canon too!!! GO GO GO!!! :D Hope you get it ASAP!

parisb said...

For some reason I want the S90 too! The G10 is great and I'm still learning new stuff all the time but the chase for new gadgets is neverending :)

Syen said...

LOL. You know, you girls are no help in making me want the S90 even more.

Now I really REALLY want the camera. =)