August 12, 2010

At Last: Rouge Coco in Legende

I've wanted a Chanel lipstick for some time now. To me lipsticks are icons of feminine mystique and no one gets effortless feminine elegance like Chanel. So when the Rouge Coco range was launched it seemed like the perfect time to buy my first Chanel lippy.

My choice of shade surprised me though. I'd thought I wanted a classi chanel red. Gabrielle or Rue de Cambon perhaps. Or why not the famous chameleon nude shade Mademoiselle that looks different on all who use it? But in the end, with Beetrice's help, I bought a perfect shade of pink. The pink I love wearing most days and so will really USE. Creamy, but not frosty, cool but not quite berry, I opted for Legende.
These lipsticks are highly pigmented, and while not exactly drying you will need a balm first so it doesn't sink into lines or apply overly pigmented. Actually it reminds me quite a bit of Chanel's High Impact Lipsticks - just slightly creamier.

I rather like highly pigmented lippies as you can calibrate the shade precisely. Lightly and blended out for a sheer wash of colour, or full on coverage.

This long lasting formula also smells faintly of roses. Don't worry you won't feel like you have slapped perfume on your lips, it's just enough to be scented like a bouquet of fresh roses across the room. A hint of glamour.

Legende is a deep grown up shade of pink. Rather like my old favourite, Bobbi Brown's XXX Pink or Silk Naturals' Soft. Although it's cool, almost berry, it has neutral brown undertones so it looks natural on me and doesn't clash with warmer blush tones.

As promised by Chanel, the tube is metallic, weighty and shuts with a satisfyling click. It always feels cool to the touch and makes the experience of applying your lippy nicely luxurious.

I love this lippy and use it regularly. At SGD$44 or RM95 it's not cheap but really, not as expensive as highend lippes can be. I still want that iconic red Chanel lipstick though, I just need an excuse. ;)


Eli said...

I just bought Rouge Coco #33 last weekend and it BROKE on 1st application. Oh, the heartache.

But Legende looks lovely on you. A very pretty grown up pink.

And I recognise the dress from Frocking Around!

Kahani said...

It BROKE? How hard did you slap it on? Did you take it back? It was probably defective. Legende seems pretty solid!

Heheh yeah I did much photography in that dress - it's so comfy and cool!

Eli said...

I pressed it lightly to my lips and it broke. You could have knocked me over with a feather after that.

Haven't been able to take it back since I bought it at the airport but I am trying to look for Chanel Malaysia's contact so I can raise hue and cry.

Kahani said...

i think you can use a lighter trick to fix it. But let's see if we can find someone from Chanel Malaysia. In Malaysia I believe it's distributed by the Melium Group. But I'm unsure if this covers their cosmetics.

Petra said...

Love Chanel shades. Dragged Mum to a counter (well, she breezed with me rather willingly) to counter her Dior-lust.

Chanel it was.