August 16, 2010

Monday's Beauty Sharing: NARS Haul!!!


So how was the weekend? Mine was pretty alright, and Saturday saw me bringing out one of my summer dresses, which has been left sleeping in the cupboard for a while now. So I'm rather happy. *grin*

But anyway, we're not talking about dresses here (we'll leave that to Kahani). We're here to talk about makeup.

Makeup that came in with the mail sometime last week. Hello NARS!!!

Of the three, only one is from the current fall collection - Rajasthan. But I'm really glad to have picked up Dolce Vita and Cordura, which I wanted to get from the fall collection two years ago in HK, but didn't manage to because timing was off. The collection wasn't out yet, when I was there. Ah well. They're MINE now! =)

Dolce Vita Blush: A dusty rose shade, looks like a really pretty blush!

Cordura Duo: A bronzey brown on one side, and a sooty brown on the other. Yes, I have a thing for browns. You have a problem? =P

Rajasthan Duo: To me, this looks like a gorgeous taupe and a deep charcoal teal. Can't wait to try it out! Beautiful!

Sorry can't tell you more as I haven't even swatched them. Yet. Will dig into them soon enough.

Happy Monday!


Askmewhats said...

wow, I haven't bought NARS for quite some time! Have a great Monday SO Loverlies!

xin said...

allow me to use the word - YUMMY!

Paris B said...

cannot wait! Your haul looks pretty :D

chocfull said...

I don't have Dolce Vita, never quite paid attention to it & now you made me curious about it. Crazy over Nars Blush now, just bought 7(!!!) of them in HK. Love their lipgloss too actually & carted a whole lot the last trip I made in BKK(was cheap at King Power Duty Free).

Hari said...

great colours!!!

milktea said...

Swatch, swatch! We want swatches!

Syen said...

LOL. Thanks for commenting ladies. Sorry for the late reply.

Chocfull: It is a beautiful beautiful blush. But insanely, and I mean INSANELY pigmented. A reeeally light hand is all this needs. =)

Milktea: Oh dear. Swatches are something I'm still getting the hang off. Will try, but no promises!

em said...

Rajasthan Duo is definitely on my want list!

Syen said...

em: Hey Em! Thanks for stopping by! How's London treating you? =D Rajasthan is even more gorgeous in person. Tried this duo over the weekend for a wedding dinner. Beyootiful! =)