November 18, 2010

Fragrance review: Gucci Guilty

I am extremely fussy about fragrances and seldom buy blended perfumes - preferring simple single-note fragrances or natural essential oil blends - as aldehydes (synthetic fragrance notes) tend to give me a blinding headache. Too sweet scents make me nauseous as do gourmand scents. Plus I hate oriental perfumes. So when approached to try this vanilla-based floriental I initially turned down the offer - until I found out it's inspired by Barbara Streisand's song "Guilty". I LOVE Barbara Streisand. Even so, I was really really surprised to find I really quite like this scent  - even if I have to be careful where I spritz it as too near my nose results in the inevitable headache. *sighs*

The Perfume
For something that looks and sounds as aggressive as this perfume is supposed to be, I found the fragrance to be surprisingly soft. It starts out with fresh notes of mandarin, slightly spicy with pink pepper. Heavier florals of heady lilac and geranium make it a very womanly but not "granny" fragrance. The press release claims that the perfume has peach but I don't pick it up as a fresh fruit, more as a warm almost vanilla-ish scent. Like caramalised sugar and the base note of amber is musky and sensual. The perfume also contains Gucci's signature patchouli which gives it a slightly grungy edge which offsets the prettiness.

I've been researching online and no one else seems to have drawn this comparison. But I almost think of Guilty as the night-time equivilant of Mark Jacob's Daisy. Daisy is fresher, prettier and sparkles, but it too has the same warm undertones as GG.

Wearing it
Gucci describes its target woman as "young, audacious and discerning". Mostly I'd say young but polished. It really is a glamour fragrance that can also be used in more casual outings like a club or jazz bar. I wore it to the P.Ramlee tribute concert and found it suited the Little Black Dress and pearls I wore very well.

The bottle
Is breathtakingly gorgeous. And so SHINY - it's a real finger print magnet which bothers me. But this is an elegant, sleek and glamorous bottle. Not ordinary and not remotely chi-chi. Love it.

The campaign
Bless them fragrance people, they do love making this conceptual eye-candy films for their perfumes. Gucci Guilty was directed by film noir graphic artist and Sin City creator (which is resembles) Frank Miller and stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans. I think the ambition is to portray freedom more than guilt.

Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml RM 217
Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml RM 272
Eau de Toilette Spray 75ml RM 355
Shower Gel 200ml RM 142
Body Lotion 200ml RM 165
Deodorant Spray 100ml RM 142

I received the Eau de Toilette Spray for review

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Askmewhats said...

I am crazy about Gucci Envy me and I have another Gucci scent (forgot the exact name) but it's rectangular in shape and pink in color! Gucci Rush? Hmm not sure I have a feeling this smells really good too!