November 16, 2010

Loving: Marks & Spencer's Grapefruit Hand & Body Lotion

I'll admit I didn't like it at first because it doesn't smell of grapefruit. Nope it's a citrus floral. But after testing it a few times (at first, resentfully and then with increasing anticipation) the scent grew on me and I bought a bottle for my bedside. Then finding it working miracles on my dry cuticles, I went back and bought another for my office desktop. 

Less than a pump is more than enough for my hands, but I love that it's a hand and body lotion (although a very thick body lotion) so I usually pump out a full pump and use the extra on my dry spots - shins, tops of my feet and elbows. The rich lotion sinks in quickly and has extract of grapefruit and lanolin. The scent is subtle but remarkably long-lasting. I've woken up in the morning still smelling it on my hands!

Now M&S may be rather pricey for us in Malaysia, but this bottle is actual value for money. RM21 gets you 300ml which actually makes it cheaper than Nivea's hand creams which are over RM10 for less than half that amount. This one also works better. MUCH better. If grapefruit isn't your cup of tea they have other scents, for example,  my colleague adores Apricot & Almond which is too sweet and gourmand for me - but hey to each their own. 

On another note, I received this bunch of products from Mentholatum to test out. It's like they KNEW I adore lip balms and makeup removers (yes I'm a strange one). Whee!

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❤ Ee Von said...

Yayyyy thanks for sharing! I love grapefruit scented (and flavoured) things! the body shop used to have a grapefruit range but i don't see it anymore, discontinued maybe :( n i've been searching for one which i don't need to purchase online. i think rm21 is pretty reasonable loh. oh we have the exact same dry spots!tr