December 03, 2010

Bangok Haul: Round Two!

Hey ladies!

So I told myself that I will go back to Bangkok someday, and I actually did. I just didn't realise that it would be quite so soon.

All my life I've never been to Bangkok and then bam - I've been there twice this year. Right now, my chanting mantra is "I've never been to France." *winks*

Anyhoo. The trip was totally ad hoc and rather last-minute. And altogether pretty cool. So check out what I hauled back after the jump. Pic heavy post, this one!

Photo above (l-r): New Biore Aqua Rich sunblock, Boots Coconut & Almond conditioner, Boots Jasmine & Jasmine Rice shower gel (smells delightful), Boots Caribbean Cocktail hand creams in Barbados and Aruba, and Watson's H Bella handcream in Strawberry & Cinnamon (smells yummy and sweet).

I had told myself that I wanted to focus a bit more of clothes this time, so here we are. I got me two dresses for RM20 each, and another top and a skirt (which are not photographed here). Pretty, no?

I also picked up three pairs of shoes for RM20-ish each. The ones on the left and right are flats, while the one in the middle is actually a pair of court shoes, which I dared buy because it was so cute, and unbelievably comfy.

And oh... I did go a little shoe mad too. Not photographed here were two more pairs of slippers I got. *tee hee*

And because you can't see what the black pair of flats look like in the photo above...

Yes. I'm still Syen. I'm just trying to be a little more colourful with my choices these days. Kahani, I can STILL hear you cackling. =P

Picked up two belts for RM15 each. These seem more me, eh?

And I got me NARS Outlaw blush too! Finally! Pricey though, at about RM103.

Lastly, since I had lost my Ecotools retractable brush in my previous Bangkok experience, it was quite interesting that I came upon a stall in Platinum Mall selling loads of makeup brushes. Sizewise, it's about the same as my Ecotools retractable brush, and it feels soft enough when brushed against my hand. But it since it's not been washed yet, it ain't going anywhere near my face so I can't tell you yet whether or not it's any good.

But it looks good. And no. I didn't want rhinestones, but they had no plainer designs. So there. For RM20, I'm not complaining much. At least I picked up the one in bronze, and not fuchsia. *grin*

I think that's pretty much it. Stay tuned to find out where I like to shop in Bangkok, coming up next week!

Happy Friday!


Kahani said...

OOh I love the grey shoes and the cream court shoes!

xin said...

love your haul esp the cute dresses!!!

Syen said...

Kahani: Yesh, I love them too! And the grey's actually lilac, even prettier! =)

xin: Thanks! I love the dresses too. The one on the left makes me feel like Liesl from The Sound of Music. Haha!

AskMeWhats said...

Syen! I have the exact same black flats you purchased but mine is in dark blue and I'm wearing it right this very moment! *high five* on similar taste! :)

Syen said...

Nikki: *high fives back* Hahaha.. similar taste indeed. Actually I saw the blue too, and liked it a lot as well. But I already have another pair of blue-ish flats, so I decided to get the black instead. =P

plue said...

oh my! i love the shoes! gorgeous! how come when i was in BKK i was that blind to them and to clothes! and the brush! sho cute!

i failed as a shopper :(

Jenn said...

Yay for shopping hauls!! :D

I LOVE the Boots Caribbean Cocktail stuff you got too!! They smell sooo nice!! :D :D

And yay for Outlaw! Methinks that it'll flatter your skintone perfectly!! :D

ellie said...

Omg, I have that white dress. The print is little pink and green bows, isn't it? :D

Syen said...

Plue: Hahaha... Bangkok takes a lot of combing through for me too. Better luck next time, ya?

Jenn: Yeah. Boots creams rock. Wish they'd blody come to Malaysia. And thanks! Haven't really tried outlaw, but I'm pretty sure with a lighthand it'll suit me fine. =)

dreamsofelle: Must be really similar but nope. Mine's actually pale pink, with black little bows. =P