December 10, 2010

How much do blogs influence you?

Hello lovelies,

Finally! It's the last workday of the week. Awesome-ness.

Since there's been quite a good number of reviews this week, I thought I'd finish the week of with a question instead - How much do blogs influence you?

Or if you'd rather, I'll rephrase it for you. Do you blody run straight out to a mall (or online shop) the minute you see something on a blog and decide

And if it has, how often does it happen to you? Very often, pretty often, not sure, kinda... or do you go, "Lemming? What's that?"

I, for one, have had it happen to me. I read. I want. I buy. Sometimes. Not all the time. Sorta. Whatever.

Don't judge me. *grin*

And having a group of girlfriends who are all makeup fiends and also fellow bloggers does not help keep the wallet from getting singed either. *winks*

I mean... we all know we're all no good for each other.

Evidence of such influence can be seen from two examples here, and from bloggers I've never even met too.

Culprit: KarlaSugar. Lovelies, bewarned. Be dazzled by her awesome swatches (in my case, of NARS Outlaw) and you will end up running to a mall.

Culprit: The praises she sang of Eve Lom cleanser got me hook, line and sinker. I was not going to leave the UK without a tub to try.

So. What about you? Have the blogs gotten to you before?

(And give us two examples while you're at it, won't you dearie?)


Tine said...

God yes. The amount of stuff I bought from reading Paris B's blog, your blog (those citrus body washes? Yeah, all your fault!), and many many more. In fact, if not for beauty blogs, I would save a lot of money! :P

Lenna said...

I see stuff on blogs (like Muse's blog, and Cosmetic Candy) and then I wanna go shop. But so far mostly drugstore stuff, for I am poor college student girl. ;p

xobiianca said...

guilty as charged lol, but not exactly immediately, more like in a week or two after reading other bloggers review (:

Anonymous said...

The items get added to my Wants list and then I struggle btwn to buy or not to buy. Usually when a promotion or a good deal comes along, I'll snap it up. For the pricier items, I'll have to resist until I find a good excuse (e.g my birthday)


lavender said...

Yes, I bought the Crabtree lip gloss after reading your post some time ago. And I even influenced my friend who doesn't read blog to buy it. ha..ha...
and I actually bought many makeups because I read about it in other blogs.

Indulgent Diva said...

OMG that's a resounding yes! Countless times that I think it'd be almost embarassing to show how much self control I have! haha...two recent examples are:
Estee Lauder lip gloss set holiday collection - saw it on Fables in Fashion blog recently and I finally succumbed to it this month!
Smashbox Wish for Eye Pencils - love it on Temptalia and ordered it straightaway on KAMNY.
So much for self restraint. Now already lemming after so many more. Sigh.....

Syen said...

Hahahha.. Thank you for your comments ladies. I seem to hear many yes-es here. Definitely something I can relate to. =P

zewt said...

i think the question is gender bias... :P

Connie De Alwis said...

If it weren't for blogs, I wouldn't have the amount of stuff I have now.... Heck, even e-mails are hard to resist!!