February 18, 2011


Hey lovelies,

Had planned to do a post for today, but right now I'm feeling under the weather. Drat.

Hope you have a good weekend, and hope whatever it is I'm having doesn't last too long. You can cheer me up by telling me if you've hauled anything of late though. And tell me what you hauled!

That would be just sweet.



Askmewhats said...

Happy weekend girls!

Syen, I hope you don't feel under the weather anymore! Take care!

plue said...

hey syen, hope you'll feel better soon *hugs*

i hauled a teeny bit of nail polishes, a current obsession lately, apart from blushes LOL

domncroxd said...

get well soon syen!

no hauls for me as i'm trying to use up everything i have!

Eli said...

Am sick meself too. Bali was waaaay too hot so I am paying for it now.

No hauls but I just left an order list with my best friend who's heading back from the UK this weekend. Will show pics once I get 'em.