May 20, 2011

A current favourite: Estee Lauder Signature lipstick in Dune Rose

Hey dearies,

The weather in Kuala Lumpur has just been going nuts over the last week or so. One minute it's blazing hot, and the next it's a thunderstorm. Which has kinda resulted in me being a little under the weather. One minute I was fine, and the next I was feeling feverish and blegh.

Anyhoo, here's giving you a look at one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment - Estee Lauder Signature lipstick in Dune Rose.

I met up with a friend a month or so back, a fellow makeup lover, and while chatting over dinner, I discovered her love for nude lipsticks.

"I only wear nudes. ONLY nudes," proclaimed she.

And boy, was it infectious. The minute I got home, I dug through my lipstick stash, and among the lippies I rediscovered was this gorgeous shade.

It's not quite a nude nude, and it looks decidedly pink in the swatch below. Yet on my lips, it's a gorgeous MLBB, with just that touch of warm pink that is oh-so-very-pretty.

Encased in a classic Estee gold tube, Dune Rose is creamy and very comfortable on the lips and has Estee's signature Fig scent, which I actually like. It brings back memories of me watching mommy put on her makeup when I was a little girl.

It's quite perfect for everyday wear, and I've been sporting it quite often of late.

At RM85(?), it's not your cheapest lipstick around, but it's one of those classic shades that somehow works with almost everything. Almost. In fact, if I had this when I got married, this might have been my lipstick of choice for my day makeup.

Love it? You bet I do.


Askmewhats said...

The shade looks nice and base on the hand swatch, it looks super moisturizing!

ksuan said...

Not loving the gold casing, but adoring the colour :)

lavender said...

I agree with you that this is a great color for everyday use. It give u the MLBB effect definitely. Thanks for sharing.

l y n said...

EL do make some lovely rose shades. When I was a teen, I had one in Tea Rose and it was my fave. So precious to me too.

Syen said...

Hey ladies, apologies for the late reply. Wasn't feeling too well over the weekend so thought I'd give the Net a break.

Nikki: It is super moisturising! =P

ksuan: Hehe... I can understand your sentiments, but I personally don't mind the casing. Sometimes I think I'm a little bit of an old soul. LOL.

lavender: You're most welcome!

lyn: I have one called Rose Tea (in the old Longwear formula) which I used on my wedding day for the day makeup. It's incredibly pretty too. Don't know if it's the same lipstick... Hmm...

ksuan said...

Swatched it on at Estee yesterday! It turned out way too warm for my skin tone and made me look (gasp) orangey :(