June 28, 2011

Pre-review: Mannings UV Cut Powder SPF50

Really soon after I posted trialling Bare Minerals SPF30, I found THIS jar in Mannings (Guardian here in Hong Kong) going for only HKD79. As I had a HKD50 voucher for Mannings on me, I thought... what the hey. I've been using this for a week now and again, while this isn't a full review I thought I'd post my thoughts here for anyone else who, like me, is desperate for a powder SPF.


Like Bare Minerals, the SPF factors in this powder are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Unlike Bare Minerals though, I don't believe these are micronised and so they can leave a whitish cast. The formula also has dimethicone, but I find that as a powder, over my silicone-free foundation, it hasn't caused any breakouts nor caused any skin problems. Because of the silicone in this, it feels very light, silky and leaves a poreless perfected look to skin.

This I'm not too happy about, but anyone very fair skinned or wanting to look pinker and fairer will like this. The powder is a peachy shade and while mostly translucent I believe it makes me pinker and a touch lighter - especially since I've gained a slight tan here. I dust a darker powder foundation over to even things out but this effect may be a deal breaker for some - or heaven for others. Girls here seem to be plastering themselves with foundations that are too fair and too pink for them in layers so thick they obliterate their skin. If you like the dolly, kawaii thick-foundation look, you'll like this.

While I like the airbrushed look this gives my skin, I don't believe it has any effect in oil control. It does however cause my powder foundation (ZA 2-Way True White in 22) to go on flawlessly though, so it's pretty good as a primer!

So far, I do believe it's working. I've been getting fairer again and haven't suffered sunburn despite the scorching sun. However, I don't believe this is enough for sports activities where I sweat alot. For that I risk pimples, and go for saving my skin. I'll review my current favourite sunblock for sports soon.

At this price point for a generous amount (15g) it's not a bad buy but unless it's winter and I'm considerably fairer I'm not sure I'll repurchase. I'll probably use this up and try yet another UV powder I've found - Palgantong's UV365 powder. It's smaller but affordable too at HKD78. But I'll wait till I've finished this jar first before moving on. I've decided to reserve Bare Minerals for travel thanks to its ultra portable packaging.


Eli said...

I saw the Palgantong's UV powder the other day in Sasa and was tempted to try it. Will wait for your review first though. =D

Kahani said...

Could take a few months for me to get to it though!