June 17, 2011

What kind of a girl are you?

Hello lovelies,

It's a Friiiday. Woohoo!

And today I thought we'd just do a little Friday sharing. What kind of a girl are you?

Makeup-wise, of course.

When slapping on your daily makeup, are you:

a) a nude girl - Makeup? What makeup?

b) a natural girl - A little blush, a little lipbalm, and I'm out of the door!

c) a classic girl - Let's keep the look simple but classy. (And honestly, I love Anne Hathaway's makeup here.)

d) a full-face girl - I never leave the house without my entire mask on, or my falsies! Ever.

For me, I guess I'm mostly a natural girl, but some days I really do enjoy playing around with the eyeshadows (and perhaps even mascara). What about you? What kind of a girl are you?

Have a great weekend!


l y n said...

Haha, cute post :-) I guess I'm a Classic Girl, I like to look a little polished but not with too much noticeable makeup. And I do tend to stick to neutrals. I spend most of my time doing my eyes because I like to play with eyeshadows.

Askmewhats said...

I'm definitely a Natural Makeup kinda gal! :)

plue said...

i'm normally a nude girl, once a while if I have time to spare I'd be a natural girl and if there's a special occasion, i'd be a classic girl, but never a full face unless I really need to!

ksuan said...

Natural on most days, classic on others :)

kuri said...

normally a nude girl, but occasionally natural or classic or full face when I'm in the mood :)

ms.naddie said...

A nude girl since my skin is so sensitive nowadays haha. I do love some lip glosses and lip balms though, wish I could put on some blush as well.

Connie De Alwis said...

I'm between Classic and Full-Face :p But I'm sometimes a Natural girl. I'm perfectly fine leaving the house without makeup or with very minimal makeup but I enjoy going all out if I have the time